Why I’m excited about Flying Circus

Members of the Rise of Flight community have plenty to look forward to but also some things to be concerned about as Flying Circus’ full details come to light. We knew that the title would be a little bit smaller in scope than Rise of Flight and now we know in which ways, but that doesn’t stop me from being excited about what the future holds for Flying Circus and the whole Great Battles Series.

Great Battles

il2-greatbattlesI’ve written a bunch about what IL-2: Great Battles is all about but if you’re new to the series or a little behind on some IL-2 news updates I want to reiterate what this is all about because its really important to understanding what Flying Circus Vol 1 is and what it will be over time.

IL-2: Great Battles Series is a banner under which multiple titles have already been released. IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad, IL-2: Battle of Moscow, and IL-2: Battle of Kuban are the first three titles in this series.

Running behind these three titles is the Digital Warfare engine. Developed from the Digital Nature engine used by Rise of Flight, this engine has seen countless technology changes and improvements over the years. While it is more demanding on system resources, when you have an adequately specced system, Digital Warfare can do so much more and it can do it with plenty of efficiency. Double the number of AI units, VR support, 4K textures, impressive lighting and shadows, detailed clouds and multi-layer cloud formations, are all part of the toolkit.

Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka is also being developed alongside Flying Circus and IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte. These titles will all be rolled into a single experience.

Now, 1CGS is planning for the future with Flying Circus Vol 1, Tank Crew- Clash at Prokhorvoka, and IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte all rolled into the Digital Warfare engine.

All of these past and future titles will be supported from a single game start and if you own all of the content, you’ll likely be able to jump between a WWI biplane, a WWII warbird, and a WWII tank with just a short loading screen in-between each experience.

Looking to the future of WWI sims

Long term fans of Rise of Flight will probably have plenty to celebrate and a few negative points to dwell on for a little while. The lack of a Pilot Career is understandable given the huge effort that was on the IL-2: Battle of Kuban development cycle but the impression I have from Jason’s update is that this isn’t a forever state – they fully intend to add new features and further add support if Volume 1 proves to be a success.


Once finished and officially launched, Flying Circus is going to have ten really fun aircraft to fly in single and multiplayer and it will combine that with all of the engine features and support that is already offered. But launch is really just the beginning.

My hope, and I believe the intention of 1CGS, is to see the effort continue with Flying Circus Vol 1 supporting a follow up Vol 2 which will add larger maps, Career mode support, and additional aircraft.

Just as IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad is vastly upgraded from what it once was, titles like Flying Circus and Tank Crew will benefit from upgrades across the whole series and future stepping stones will almost certainly have profound impacts on them as well. Planned for the future are things like an object viewer, a new GUI, a new multiplayer lobby, Air Marshall for large scale multiplayer organization, and untold other improvements to the game engine supporting improvements to AI, visuals, and physics.

All of the features will fan out across all of the titles improving the experiences for all players over time and bringing not one but three interrelated titles to life and making them part of the experience for the long haul has great potential for the continued life of the entire series. That is what has me most excited tonight as I read about Flying Circus Vol 1.

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  1. arkhamuk says:

    Sounds interesting. Ive not dabbled in WWI games as yet. Looks like the perfect opportunity to head that way.


  2. Nil says:

    I love the concept of a single platform where we can play tanks ww2 and planes despite I am not into WW1 and tanks. Simply because every improvement made will benefit for everybody! For example , the artillery spotting! I wish it will come for the upcoming U2 Po2 plane. It is a feature of Rise Of Flight.
    Thus, even if I am not into WW1 and Tanks, I LOVE this concept and I am happy that IL2 Great Battles evolved so much since its rough start back on 2014.
    I just saw the negatives review on Steam and I was glad that most of them are outdated and not relevant because they talk about problems that no longer exist or have been improved.
    This Dev Team is amazing me once again!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LF_Manu says:

    I am really happy to hear everything about TC and FC. I think this is the best approach possible. Other Sim’s had entered a muddy terrain with lack of content for different kind of combat and enviorement. Taking small steps make an easier success and af you said, the possibility to a continuation for both of this new titles.

    Future looks bright.
    Kind regards,


  4. William T Taylor says:

    Any word on when TC will be entering alpha/Beta cant wait to get my hands on the tanks.. while im interested in the WW1 aircraft i think it would have been more prudent for the devs to focus on TC as it will have an effect on both TC and IL2 and a larger overall footprint on the series than FC


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It seems that Early Access for Tank Crew and Flying Circus may begin at the same time. It’s all supposed to kick-off this month!

      Liked by 1 person

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