Heatblur hasn’t forgotten the AJS-37 Viggen

Most of the updates recently from Heatblur have been on their highly anticipated F-14A/B Tomcat module that has many sim fans attention focused on this module. Fortunately, for fans of other modules like Heatblur’s excellent AJS-37 module which has been in “early access” for some time, their team is still working hard on this jet. It’s had some issues with recent updates recently but it looks like they are being sorted out.

Bug fixes, flight manuals, raindrops, more!

A lot of the work that’s gone into the Viggen recently has apparently been on dealing with code behind the scenes. As Heatblur matures as a developer, their DCS coding abilities are improving and they are working on things like memory dumps, fixing bugs, and sorting out module stability. They have even been working on things like the Sidewinder seeker code.


Meanwhile, the team is also making sure that the AJS-37 can take full advantage of the latest visual improvements and as such will support the new raindrop visuals – after all, there’s something about the Viggen that just makes you want to fly it in bad weather.

The team is nearly done finalizing the manual for the module as well – something I know I really appreciate in a module as complex as the ones that ship with DCS.

Out of early access and into release

The AJS-37 has been in early access for a long time now and Heatblur is working towards making sure that the AJS-37 is a finished release module by the end of the year. Here’s an excerpt from the update:

We’re speeding fast towards fall, and our goal is and will remain to make sure the Viggen is complete and out of early access this year.

That means feature complete, stable and held in high regard by all. Thanks for your patience on this journey and we hope you’ll continue to have faith in us as we move towards the completion of the Viggen, Tomcat and all of the exciting things beyond.

Read more from the Heatblur team in their latest update.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. 79vRAF says:

    Great module, I’ve really enjoyed it but Harrier took over and I’ve forgotten how to operate some of the weapons…need to get back into it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WxTracker says:

    I love heat blurs attention to detail, but still I hope the F-14 comes out in this century… They said by last year it would be out… But I can’t blame them for wanting to make a fantastic product for years to come..


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Given what they were showing last year I was somewhat skeptical they could deliver but I think this year we’ll see the F-14 release into early access. I can’t imagine they will be finished by the end of 2018… it’ll take time.

      AJS-37 has been outstanding. Not perfect but they did a great job on it.


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