Frooglesim covers IL-2

Popular YouTuber Frooglesim who normally covers updates in the civil flight sim world on a weekly basis has done a nearly 30 minute long video showcasing IL-2 to followers of his channel. It’s great exposure for the IL-2 series but its also a great way to see one of my favourite sims in a new light.

Enthusiastic reception

Frooglesim does plenty of civilian flight sim coverage showing of all of the latest terrains, airports, and aircraft from that side of the flight sim experience. It’s a great channel with lots of entertaining commentary so I definitely recommend checking his channel out.

Just a few days ago, Frooglesim did a whole video on IL-2 and its a great overview of the series and some of the features. For veterans, there’s nothing new here in this video that you haven’t seen before or already experienced but I did find the video interesting purely for the alternative perspective that we get from Froogle.

Froogle loves the graphics, the smoothness of the engine, the shadowing on the ground from the clouds, the rain effects on the canopy (still relatively new to us) and more. It’s great to see someone coming from other sims like P3D and Flight Sim X and appreciating what we have in new light.

Anyways, check out the video, give it a few more thumbs up and hopefully we’ll see Froogle cover the series a bit more and expose some more of his followers to the series. Always good to have some more pilots joining the IL-2 community!


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  1. Freeragepunk says:

    Nice point, good for IL-2 popularization


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