ED details new WWII aircraft details, helicopter sale

I’m a little late on the DCS World Weekend news coverage but better late than never and here we go with the latest details including some new screenshots of the DCS World P-47, Mosquito, and quite a package deal on helicopters coming soon.

Thunderbolt, Mosquito, more!

DCS World is expanding its World War II aircraft line-up with several new AI modules and a pair of aircraft destined for DCS World module status. We’ve been hearing about the P-47 for a while now but Eagle Dynamics hasn’t spoken much about the Mosquito. Although its not due any time soon, the DCS: Mosquito is apparently planned as a future flyable aircraft.


The update also includes several screenshots showing off some of the different liveries that will be available to these types.

Meanwhile several aircraft are coming soon as AI types (for now at least):

  • P-47D
  • Mosquito
  • A-20
  • C-47
  • Fw 190 A-8
  • Ju-88

The exact sub-types (FW190A-8 aside) haven’t been discussed but a P-47D-25 or later is definitely on the cards. The original Kickstarter project had the P-47D-30 as their preferred type so it’s likely that we’ll see that version or one very close to it (IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte is modeling a D-28 for example). The Mosquito appears to be a FB.IV with 20mm cannons and .303 machine guns in the nose (and armed with bombs or rockets optionally).

We’ve also seen the A-20 which is a G variant and a Ju-88 which appears to be a A-4 variant.

There were also some other tidbits of information dropped. Eagle Dynamics still intends to implement a more sophisticated damage model to their WWII aircraft as the current system is very simple and that doesn’t work very well when the types of weapons being employed are rifle calibre or slow firing cannons.

ED continues to upgrade the Normandy map and intends to add SpeedTree tech later. It may not be the only WWII themed map either.

We’ve also learned that more maps are intended to be created for the WWII theme. Normandy has been the focused so far and the latest aircraft planeset seems to be solidifying around that scenario (despite the later war Bf109K-4 and FW190D-9). Hopefully whichever scenario ED chooses next, it fits with the majority of the content they have been building.

Helicopter sale

Eagle Dynamics has announced that, starting September 5th, they will be offering a package deal on four helicopters that have been released into DCS World.

The four helicopters are:

  • DCS: UH-1H Huey
  • DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight
  • DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark
  • DCS: SA342 Gazelle

Normally, purchasing all four would cost $199.95, however, they are offering all four together as a package priced at $69.99.

The announcement of the sale actually comes before the sale itself which is a bit different than the usual. As if to underscore that point, Eagle Dynamics has released a trailer featuring the four helicopters to help announce the impending sale.

Hit the DCS e-Store for this special offer starting on the 5th and going until September 30th right here.

Read the rest and see more screenshots and deals on the DCS World Weekend News.

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