Tutorials on BFM that may help you out

BFM or basic flight maneuvers are the bread and butter of air combat situations that apply to aircraft from all eras. Different techniques and tactics are required depending on the aircraft involved but everything can essentially be boiled down to the BFM. There’s a great series of tutorials that you should check out before flying your next combat sortie.

The rolling scissors and more

If you’re a long time veteran you may only need to brush up on these sometimes but if you’re newer to air combat either in DCS, IL-2 or Rise of Flight, you should definitely check out The Air Combat Tutorial Library with their excellent collection of tutorials on how to perform different types of BFM.

The most recent release to the library is BFM Lesson #7 Rolling Scissors.

Another favourite that I like to try and tell people to learn is the High Yo-Yo which is ideal for dealing with overshoot scenarios and particularly useful as an offensive maneuver in aircraft that are less able to turn but can roll quickly like a FW190.

Check out the whole playlist here.


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