RAZBAM teases MiG-19 in new trailer

RAZBAM’s been in the flight sim news a lot with plenty of announcements of new and upcoming modules that their team is just starting to work on or that they are planning to tackle in the future. Today, they released a teaser of a module that is much closer to being completed – the MiG-19 ‘Farmer.’

A teaser for the Farmer

We’ve seen the MiG-19 in various states of completion but it looks like this aircraft is coming together. Earlier comments by the dev team indicate that they intend to release the MiG-19 in a largely completed state with all features and systems working at or near release levels. It’s been a while since they said that but it may be the case – it’s also easier to do that with a simpler jet from a simpler time.

This may also ensure that the MiG-19 is a bit more of a slam dunk for RAZBAM than the more complex 4th gen M-2000C and AV-8B. Eagle Dynamics has remarked that their WWII and early cold war era types are bigger money makers as their simplicity versus the more complex types requires far less development time to move towards a completed module.

Time will tell on the nearness of the release date but the teaser does suggest that RAZBAM may be building up towards releasing this aircraft to the DCS e-Store. Stay tuned!


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