IL-2 version 3.006 is out!

This caught me by surprise when earlier today 1CGS announced that version 3.006 would not wait for the P-47D-28 and Bf109K-4 and would launch with a whole raft of fixes to the series. So what has changed? Let’s dig into some of the biggest updates.

71 fixes and changes

There are quite a few fixes and changes in this patch but I want to highlight just a few of them for you and encourage you to check out the whole list if you’re interested.

This patch introduces a whole bunch of new visual effects. Fire, smoke, fuel, oil and water leaks, different types of engine damage, gun smoke, oil drops on pilot goggles and more have all been added or given major makeovers. I said this before but it bears repeating – these are all small effects that collectively have a big impact on how the series looks.

There are plenty of bug fixes including solving a couple of rare Pe-2 Series 35 crashes, an erroneous oil leak from the Spitfire series after the wing has been detached, right/left engine hit effects on certain twin engined aircraft have been fixed, high calibre guns now can overheat (apparently they couldn’t before), and many more.

The FW190G-8 can carry a modified SC1000 bomb for extra destructive power.

There’s also new content with the FW190A-8/F-8/G-8 now able to carry the massive SC1000 bomb as a loadout. There are also changes and updates to the bombloads for this aircraft with SD70 bombs replacing the SC50 bombs (which apparently fell out of production after 1943).

For Flying Circus there are new pilot animations, new hit effects for wooden aircraft, and updated damage models for the already released aircraft.

Affecting all aircraft are modified values for gun dispersion based on a rethink of the data that 1CGS has on aircraft guns and how their dispersion was measured historically. These should, in theory, lead to more realistic values for bullet dispersion during short and long bursts.

Multiplayer netcode has received several small updates as well aimed at improving performance and solving various issues with multiplayer. It’ll be interesting to see these updates in action.

There’s more so check out the full list here.

Reactions coming soon

I haven’t had a chance to play the patch yet so stay tuned for some reactions to some of these major feature changes as I get a chance to test things out. I’m extremely curious to see the new effects in action and to see how things like bullet dispersion and multiplayer netcode changes are in actual practice.

Stay tuned for that!

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  1. Nil says:

    I tried it, I love them. I noticed a nice smoke effect on normal operation! that is so good!


  2. Novice-Flyer says:

    I really liked it that they added it were German WW1 pilots have parachutes, something not in RoF. The developers did a fantastic job at everything in this patch! The only thing I’m disappointed about is that pilots can’t leave the plane when it’s on the ground, annoying in career when the plane is on fire or on water; the pilots die when parachuting into the water. This never happens in IL-2 1946 or CoD. I thought it would get fixed in 3.001 or 2, but no. Other than that I’m excited about the next patch which will have the K-4 and P-47.

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  3. Trudy says:

    I guess they also released this update seperated to buy more time and user patience to complete their work on the K4 and P47.
    We know, the community can be a bit volatile 🙂

    And the SC1000 on a Fw190 is so awesome. A so small plane with such a loadout reminds me of Dr Strangelove, where Slim Pickens rode a nuclear bomb. Unfortunatly it may be blocked on multiplayer servers for being overpowered or so. This happened pretty often on Wings of Liberty with the SC1800 and 2500.

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