Heatblur’s countdown t-minus 3 days UPDATED

Three days, sixteen hours, thirty four minutes and thirty six seconds is (or was) the current count as of writing this blog post for Heatblur’s long awaited reveal of the DCS: F-14. Anticipation and anxiety is building!


On Heatblur’s Facebook page we have a glimpse of their long awaited F-14 Tomcat module for DCS with the tease to tune in on Heatblur.com on October 7 for what we hope is a full reveal of Heatblur’s long awaited and slightly overdue F-14 Tomcat. The F-14A and B versions of the iconic aircraft made into a Hollywood star in its own right by the movie Top Gun has many in the DCS World community excitedly awaiting just about any new information on this module.

This teasing image on the Heatblur Facebook page encourages us to come back on October 7.

There are a couple of scenarios that could be at work here. The first is that October 7 may be a full reveal of the module with finished or near finished textures and features but not yet ready for pre-order or early access. That is my more realistic (or pessimistic) interpretation of the situation.

Another interpretation is that Heatblur has made strides on the module and that it’s now in shape for early access and ready enough for players to start flying the F-14 in DCS. That would be a welcome surprise for many!

I advise caution. Hype is at high levels for the F-14 with the aircraft attracting as much attention or perhaps even more than the F-18 is. Together the two make an impressive combination for US Navy carrier operations as the two have a history together.

Just a few more days folks!

Update 2018-10-03 11:05 PM EST

An observant member of the r/hoggit community has pointed out that a Heatblur/F-14 related server has popped up on the server list. The mission name is “F-14_Trailer_Intro_MP” which needs very little deciphering.


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