Flying Circus Vol 1 Giveaway Event

The IL-2 and Rise of Flight communities are great at putting together giveaway opportunities for players who want to get into one of these titles but may find it difficult to sometimes afford the very latest. Enter the latest giveaway event, or rather a contest, featuring Rise of Flight multiplayer and an opportunity to win one of three copies of Flying Circus.

Are you a good dogfighter?

Flying Circus forum user hrafnkolbrandr has announced that he’s giving away three copies of Flying Circus and wants to stage a celebration surrounding it. A fly-in dogfighting contest featuring Rise of Flight is the occasion and I have the details!

  • Saturday, October 13, at 11:00am Pacific Standard Time (PST)
  • On the NFF1 server*
  • Rise of Flight

Note: The server may change so monitor the thread for details.

Here are the rules according to hrafnkolbrandr:

Rules are simple: The event will run for 90-120 minutes (haven’t decided yet). The pilot who accumulates the highest kill streak in that time, The pilot who *ends* the highest kill streak in that time (no ramming), and the pilot who kills the most AI in that time; will each win a copy of Flying Circus for themselves, or that they can gift to someone else.

So please share this around and mark out time on your Calendars. I would really appreciate having the opportunity to give back to this great community.

You can also check out I Fly Central’s video about the contest here:


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