IL-2 devs show off beautiful FW190D-9, project updates

Another one of my all time favourite fighters is the FW190D-9 or the ‘Dora-9’ and I’m pretty excited to fly it again in IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte. 1CGS has just released new screenshots showing the D-9 off and the work on this aircraft is outstanding. We’ve also heard a few small updates from the team on how things are shaping up. Let’s talk about that and look at those gorgeous D-9 screenshots too.

The Dora 9!


The bump mapping, or the texture effect that video cards use to give added depth to flat objects, is one of the things that stands out on the FW190D-9 and its evident that this aircraft has been given a lot of love. None of the IL-2 aircraft look bad by any stretch of the imagination but I must say that this one looks great!

The ‘long nose FW190’ was the result of a few years of development on the B, C and D variations of the FW190 in an effort to keep up with Allied fighter development and work towards developing higher altitude interceptors. That high altitude interceptor requirement would ultimately be met by the Ta-152H but it was the FW190D-9 that served in significant numbers during the later part of 1944 and especially in 1945.


Unlike the Anton series, the FW190D-9 had a Junkers Jumo 213A 12-cycliner inline engine good for 1,726 hp and sometimes higher with MW50 boost. The aircraft gained considerably from the excess power achieving around 426 mph at 21,000 feet.

The FW190D-9 also benefited from some weight reduction over the FW190A-8 meaning that the D-9 was both faster and lighter allowing for some return of the crisp handling from the earlier versions.

Armed with slightly less than the FW190A-8, the D-9 packs twin MG151/20 cannons, one in each of the the wings, backed up by two MG131 heavy machine guns in the nose decking. It’s more than adequate firepower for an aircraft with its performance.

The D-9 was the large scale mass production FW190 model.

Modification details?

We currently have no modification details and its hard to speculate what is possible. The FW190D-9 did have the ETC 504 rack available, however, it appears this was mostly used for drop tanks and not for bomb carrying capability – although I’ve seen models showing an SC250 fitted to the bottom.

The FW190D-9 also had some series upgrades as time went along. Adding MW50 boost and making some engine upgrades boosting power to around 1,900hp were among the changes. 1CGS has been fairly keen at adding in capabilities where possible so we may see some different performance options for this already high performing fighter.

The FW190D-11, 12 and 13 all had various armament configurations including a MK108 cannon firing through the nose. I feel uncertain about if we’ll see these rare modifications but I suppose they are possible.


The FW190D-9 model we have appears also to have the slimmer canopy typical of the FW190A series and does not have the more blown out canopy of some later models. Should 1CGS choose to add this canopy option later, it would also apply to the A-8 series.

Other updates for IL-2: Great Battles

1CGS reports that they are currently finishing five aircraft. These are:

  1. P-47D-28
  2. Bf109K-4
  3. Pfalz D.IIIa
  4. Sopwith Camel
  5. Po-2VS

It is possible that we’ll see all five of these release into the series before the end of the year. The FW190D-9 seems also to be quite advanced at this point and with some development time may also become available before 2018 is over.

Map development continues and we saw those brilliant screenshots of the new Bodenplatte map underway from last week. The Prokhorovka map for Tank Crew is also being worked on and should be interesting to see with its enhanced resolution.

Han also dropped an update that the GUI (user interface) for the Marshall (formerly Air Marshall?) and the Tank Platoon commander are also underway. Tank Platoon for Tank Crew should be interesting and Air Marshall or just Marshall (?) is one that I’ve been very curious to know more about. We’ll have to wait and see!

It sounds like the map team is not yet working on the France/Arras sector map for Flying Circus so it may be 2019 before we start seeing details on that map. Understandable given the size of the team. Hopefully by the time that arrives we’ll also have a couple more aircraft from Flying Circus at which point we’ll have a good situation for people to start enjoying multiplayer with that series.

Check out this weeks’ developer update and stay tuned for more information!

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  1. Liv Doc says:

    The D-9 just looks like right indeed. What smooth lines. Can’t wait to pit it against the increasingly large number of aircraft available to us. This just series just keeps getting better and better.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nil says:

    The d9 is so special! so thin wiht long wings. impressive.
    I am too excited about the air marshal feature. I believe it will add a lot .

    Liked by 1 person

  3. TJR says:

    I wrote this out, once and lost it to the ether, so I apologize if this gets double posted:

    The D9 looks great but………. I really want them to address optimization and the delays they have been having with the planes that were “scheduled” however loosely for August. Don’t get me wrong I love this series and it has really helped me these last 7 months of rough times, and gotten me heavily back into flight sims. I pre-order all their stuff to show my support (something I wont do with any other developer). I just feel they are a bit scattered and have a lot on their plate.

    -Instead of teasing the D9 let us know the issues you have had with the K4 and the 47, tell us whats holding you up, I think it is a pretty mature group of consumers who are not shrieking for stuff immediately, but would appreciate an update.

    -WRT Optimization for single player career, which I think is the bigger problem, I just got a new 1070TI and 16 more Gigs of Ram (24 Gigs total) but cannot play BoK on “dense”, and still see a significant drop on “moderate” for force distribution. As soon as I approach the FLOT or fly anywhere near the city in career my frame rates drop immensely and if I have to intercept bombers it drops to unplayable levels. I have read through tons of forums and optimized my rig as best as I can. The final answer I see from the Jason on the boards, is a 2 x paragraph jacking about the consumer needing to suck it up and buy better gear, and stop complaining…. not heart warming (also why I am posting here). As a final rejoinder I dread BoB more densely populated civilian areas, and what that will do to frames in career if this isn’t addressed.

    Sorry for a bit of a whinge, and any tips and tricks for young players is greatly appreciated. I just wonder does any one else feel this way? Feel free to flame away if I am way off base!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hey T,

      You bring up some good and interesting points (no flames required :)).

      We haven’t heard a lot about the inner workings on development recently. The impression given by Jason, Han, and the rest of the team is that they are pretty busy working on a lot of different things and so the updates we’re getting are about all they have time to put together.

      Jason’s been careful not to give us too much of a schedule away so I’ve been trying to read between the lines. I’d have to look back carefully but I think development is about on par or even a bit faster if we consider the tanks, WWI and WWII objects all being developed and released. From a purely IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte development time it does seem slower than Kuban, Moscow or Stalingrad.

      As far as optimization goes… This is a tough one. As you know, I’m a fan and write a lot about both DCS and IL-2 and both series have some optimization issues that crop up in various and often different places. Been immersed in both its pretty clear to me just how hard it is to optimize this type of simulation.

      I will say that I suspect that the Dense setting for IL-2 is truly for only a few PCs if any available right now and this is more of a future proof option that was easier to build at the time. Sparse or Medium density seem to work with few issues for me and bomber intercepts seem to go well on my system.

      CPU single thread performance, RAM speed, drive speed, and GPU seem to combine together here in IL-2 (and in DCS) in ways that other PC entertainment titles do not even approach.

      We may yet see some under the hood improvements but 1CGS is typically tight lipped about new features until they are really able to talk about them. They only started talking about things like the AI improvements (which IMHO did make a big difference) or the increase rendering distance with little GPU impact or some of the new effects weeks before they released them. I think things will be fine but flight simming always does involve being a little bit on the edge and pushing the limits of what a home PC can do!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. TJR says:

        Thanks Shammrock,

        As someone new back into niche High quality Combat Sims, it is interesting to see the load they put on computers compared to say Doom 2016 or other main stream games like War Thunder. (Way more HP than expected!)

        I wasn’t viewing the dense setting as something that was out of reach of most players, but seeing as that’s the case it makes more sense, and leaves my Jimmies less rustled.

        Sorry to Clarify in my previous post, medium density works just fine, with everything almost maxed out and 100 Km draw distance, and some game enhancing extra effects I have turned on in the NVidea Control panel. I will say it is an immense improvement from my 960.

        Have you ever thought of doing any posts on optimization or your experiences finding the sweet spot between graphics and gameplay?



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