Landing the MiG-29 with the new PFM

One of the quirks of the new MiG-29 PFM that Eagle Dynamics released to DCS World 2.5 beta during the week was that the nose wheel can cause quite a bounce on landing. Such a bounce that you can end up damaging the aircraft or even becoming airborne again. We don’t know if this is a realistic behavior or not but there are ways to get around it and I’ve got some handy tips if this is causing you some trouble.

A real MiG-29 pilot performs a DCS landing

According to the caption on this video that has been shared around the DCS community, this is a landing as performed by a real MiG-29 pilot and it was the foundation around this post that I’m writing.

A couple of key notes here:

  1. Touch down around 270km/h as indicated on the HUD
  2. Main gear touchdown but nose wheel is held high
  3. Nose-wheel touch down around 200km/h

Replicating this landing myself

Armed with this video, I took out the newly revised DCS: MiG-29S and after performing some fun aerobatics, I decided to try and bring it in for a landing. The last time I did this, things went badly…

That’ll buff right out.

So this time I decided to follow the video above and after lining up for landing I managed to bring the wheels down around 290km/h and nose-wheel down closer to 230km/h. It’s a bit higher than the video above but it is much more workable and leads to a safer landing.

Some handy tricks for dealing with the new MiG-29 when you fly it next.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Blue 5 says:

    Does it have a full cockpit (all clickable) or is it one of the older versions?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      A DCS World level Mig-29 with clickable cockpit is highly desired but unlikely at the moment.


  2. Juan Rodriguez says:

    No clickable cockpit. It is not a full fidelity module, only an update to the previous FC3 Mig29.


  3. Aaron C White says:

    Watching some videos online, it looks like they’re holding the nose up high for a long time after landing.

    The few I watched on Youtube all had the pilots keeping the nose up for a long time down the runway after the main gear touched down.

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