Check out Heatblur’s latest F-14 teaser

More music video than trailer, Heatblur’s latest teaser for the DCS: F-14 Tomcat is out and it features the musical efforts of 80’s inspired music group Meteor with their latest album release of ‘Anytime, Baby!’

Four minutes of F-14 music video action

The wait is likely driving people to the edge of their seats at DCS third party developer puts the finishing touches on their early access F-14 Tomcat masterpiece. Releasing with the F-14 is the 80’s inspired musical styling of Meteor and this latest teaser is all about the fusion of their music set to some incredible scenes of the DCS: F-14.

If you haven’t already, Heatblur is offering up pre-orders on their website, on the DCS e-Store, and on Steam.

Release date for the DCS: F-14 is still unknown. December 2018 is the anticipated launch time at present but Heatblur is intentionally holding off committing to a date with the possibility that the F-14 could slip to early 2019 as well. Still, the Tomcat will be arriving sooner than later!

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  1. 1_Robert says:

    Man that video looks great. I’m really hoping we see an A4 developed at some point, at least AI, so that I can fully get my Maverick on.

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  2. P51DMatt says:

    This module is looking amazing! The anticipation is killing me!

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  3. Mischiew Rithe says:

    I’ll be honest, I find those teasers appalling, it’s certainly not because of them I’m buying the module. But I guess I must be a nutcase.

    What I reproach to those videos to be superficial, more music than content, and even for movies I dislike the succession of very short cut scenes, because I know it’s a chosen selection and does not represent at all the mood nor the depth of the actual content of the “product”. I’d much rather have a longer scene that represent a key feature and leave the others to discover, if time is an issue for the video (like in a teaser).

    In this case, perhaps it’s to introduce the soundtrack only, I didn’t bother to watch past the 30 first seconds. This would make sense for those who are interested in the music coming with the module, personally I always turn music off (comes from creating missions, the music always plays in a loop in the Mission Editor and it’s quickly getting annoying).

    There are a few interesting videos, for example talks by Mike Rabens, and by Mike Ciminera on PeninsulaSrsVideos channel (Youtube), or on PeriscopeFilm channel, which reveal interesting facts on the development of this amazing jet, or its use. I’m currently hooked by the Tomcat! book by Paul Gillcrist, which gives good insight in the whole process that brought the F-14 to life, and has plenty of beautiful photographs of this jewel, highly recommended!

    Never tries one of those “Owners’ Workshop Manual” books, has anyone bought the one on the F-14? It seems to have a lot of technical details, not sure it’s a good read or just data.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      You may not be the intended audience for this type of teaser. For me, I’m interested in the soundtrack that they created for the F-14 and I’ve been busy listening to Meteor’s stuff (sometimes when I write blog updates) so this is a brilliant way for them to keep the marketing going and help advertise their partnership with Meteor as well.

      Interestingly, on Spotify for a short period of time, the ‘Fear the Bones’ track that was first released for the F-14 was on their popular list (it’s since fallen off).

      For the more documentary style I think you’re after, I expect we’ll see some of that sometime soon.

      For the folks who want some awesome visuals while waiting for the module with some 80s inspired music – this video is so good!

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      1. Mischiew Rithe says:

        The music isn’t bad, that’s for sure!

        All this always seems to evolve around some famous movie 😉 There’s some buzz at the moment on which airplane Tom Cruise’s character will fly in the sequel, it’s getting a bit insane sometimes. Like those rumours according to which it may be an SR-71 😀 Hopefully they’ll stick to the Super Hornet.


      2. ShamrockOneFive says:

        Yeahhh the SR-71 is pretty insane. Maverick is not in the Air Force anyways.

        We’ve seen set photos of a Super Hornet. Who knows, maybe the F-35C will appear as well.


  4. Eviscerador says:

    The trailer is good. I mean, kudos to the marketing guys! It has the right feels and nostalgia bits to make a lot of sim nerds in their thirties and fourties throw the wallet at the screen.

    Mine is on the table ready to be thrown at, but first I need a bit more of substance.

    I will concede that the flash is pretty much top notch.

    Because at the end, the F-14 won’t do anything that the Hornet can do except fire Phoenix and enjoy multiplayer with your friends in the same plane if you want fun, because if you want competitiveness, it is always better to have two guys in two planes, than 2 guys in one plane.

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