DCS dedicated server now in testing

Eagle Dynamics is now testing their new dedicated server technology with actual DCS World players – an indication that they may finally be releasing a true dedicated server environment for DCS World sooner than later.

A long wait but nearly here

There has been talk about DCS World getting a dedicated server since the early part of this decade but through all of that time we’ve never seen or heard very much aside from it being a consideration.

It’s possible that the priority just was not there given the assumption that the majority of DCS World players were flying single player only. Though most flight sim developers have made that assumption, I think the balance is beginning to tip if not to multiplayer entirely, at least towards more of a parity between single and multiplayer. Ideally, DCS World should provide ample support for both and a dedicated server will certainly help.

Last Friday we got our best indicator that they are now moving towards making the server available to others by beginning to test it with the DCS World multiplayer public using the Burning Skies server.

For DCS World multiplayer pilots, the Burning Skies server is now testing our new dedicated server technology! This is acting as a test-bed to help us debug the dedicated software with many players participating. The dedicated server will form the backbone of DCS World multiplayer.

Burning Skies is a World War II server with options to fly the Mustang, Spitfire, Dora, and Kurfurst. As an official server, will be supporting Burning Skies with prizes to the championship winners.

For a fantastic World War II multiplayer experience, stop by and fly a sortie!

DCS World Newsletter – 7 December 2018

What will this do?

For those unfamiliar, a dedicated server for DCS World opens the door to potentially better and more stable (and capable) multiplayer scenarios for DCS World. Right now, a server has to handle not only the multiplayer traffic but also the rest of DCS World including the graphical assets. Many game titles, however, offer up a dedicated server that strips away everything but what is strictly necessary for the multiplayer server to function.

Doing this frees computer resources such as RAM and CPU power and allows the server to devote everything towards a smoother multiplayer experience. In theory this should allow servers to run more complex scenarios for longer periods of time requiring fewer server resets and less disruptions.

No ETA for now

As of now we still have no time of arrival for this new feature though many in the multiplayer community have been clamoring to have it as soon as possible. With Eagle Dynamics now testing the feature on a public server, it feels to me like its only a matter of time now as to when this will be released rather than the “if” that has been hanging over the community for years.

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