DCS: Bf109K-4 gets a PBR cockpit makeover

Eagle Dynamics is going back to some of their DCS: WWII aircraft and bringing them up to the latest standard. While we wait to see the new revitalized P-51D, we do now have the latest images of the Bf109K-4 cockpit and it definitely ups the ante bringing it up to the same level as some of their other recent releases.

Cockpit makeover for 109K-4

Featuring revised texture mapping to take advantage of the new PBR (physically based rendering) features in DCS World 2.5, the DCS: Bf109K-4 now sports a beautifully updated cockpit as you can see in the screenshots below.

The light and shadows as well as the reflections on the glass and the overall ambience of the cockpit jumps forward with this new update. The best part is how soon it is coming with Eagle Dynamics planning to roll it out in the next update coming up on Wednesday (December 19).

New DCS: Bf109K-4 trailer inbound?

Another thing that Eagle Dynamics has been doing recently is releasing new trailers when a module gets a significant upgrade and it looks like the Bf109K-4 is the next to get that treatment. Or at least that is my assumption based on an update from Glowing Amraam Production’s Facebook page.

The update doesn’t quite give it away but looking at the thumbnails in the image it sure looks like a Bf109 cockpit and Glowing Amraam has been creating unofficial and then official trailers for DCS World and Eagle Dynamics for years.

Sure looks like a Bf109 cockpit in the image posted here.

We’ll know for sure very soon!

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  1. P51DMatt says:

    You can even see the wood grain on the instrument panel! Stunning!

    Liked by 1 person

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