Laser guided bombs for DCS: F/A-18C and other updates

The GBU series of laser guided bombs (or LGBs) is the next set of weapons slated to be added to the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet module and those are coming next week. The weapons themselves plus a new tutorial from Matt Wagner on how to use them is now out. We’ve also got a pretty good idea of what else is on the to-do list since the last update and that all should be coming next week in the next beta update.

You can already load them on your jet

If you want to load them yourself, the Paveway II series (GBU-10, 12 and 16) are all already currently available on the public (and beta) release. There’s only one problem, the programming isn’t ready for them so we don’t have the ability to do any precision drops with them. For now, they work like normal bombs.

That changes next week when these become precision guided with a buddy lase.

Until the targeting pod comes along, these and the AGM-65E laser guided Maverick, will have to rely on friendlies providing the lasing necessary to employ these properly. A JTAC on the ground or an AV-8B providing lasing should do the trick.

If you’re wondering how to employ them, Matt Wagner has a new YouTube video tutorial on just how to do that.

New A/A waypoint functionality

Another video tutorial from Matt Wagner is about the new A/A waypoint functionality and how you can use it in conjunction with a bullseye point as set in a scenario that you may be flying. The feature here helps give you bearing and range information and to enhance your situational awareness overall.

For advance users of the jet, this feature is going to be very useful. It’s a feature I hope to fully wrap my brain around soon and make use of it to give me a better sense of what’s going on.

On tap for next week

There’s a great list of new functionality likely coming next week to the Hornet. And this is what we’ve learned from Matt:

For next week’s Open Beta, we plan (not promise):

1- GBU-10, 12, and 16 laser-guided bombs with off-board designation.
2- Bullseye (A/A Waypoint) and BRA indications.
3- Improved IR Maverick axis slew and other Maverick fixes/additions like improved ship attack, longer ship lock ranges, range indications when slaved, and others.
4- Fixed DUD cue.
5- New radar defaults based on SME feedback.
6- Fixed cockpit art like left DDI error.
7- JHMCS updates like look-up reticles.
8- Air show smoke.
9- Fixed ACM HUD mode indications.
10- L&S target heading on attack format.

Matt Wagner on Hornet Mini-Updates

There you have it, all caught up on the latest updates coming to DCS: F/A-18C and it’s quite a list. The one thing missing of course is the long awaited HARM missile which Matt also reports is still in progress along with the datalink, air-to-ground radar and more.

The Hornet is slowly becoming more and more feature complete.

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