New DCS: F/A-18C updates, missions

A new “Hornet Mission of the Week” has been released by Eagle Dynamics and Matt Wagner in one of the most recent mini-updates along with some new information coming to us in the form of some screenshots featuring the Data Link / MSI, MIDS and COLOR. And there’s a fun new challenge available too!

Strike fighter mission for Persian Gulf

A cool new mission has been released for the F/A-18C featuring a strike on Shiraz airport while facing down some air-to-air opposition. A strike package of Hornets with SEAD and iron bombs are enroute to target when enemy aircraft are spotted.

This mission puts the player through a situation where they must use the Hornet’s air-to-air capability and then rapidly switch to air-to-ground and back again as required. It’s what the Hornet is particularly strong at.

This is a fairly short mission and not too involved so if you want some quick Hornet action on the Persian Gulf, this is a perfect way to do that. You can grab the mission from Matt Wagner’s mini-update here.

River-run challenge

Run the gauntlet of green floating boxes in this F/A-18C Hornet mission challenge where you must fly the route laid out in 345 seconds. If you think this is easy, however, you’d be mistaken as it pushed my piloting to the limit and I screwed it up a couple of times (I got too confident). Flying the route is fairly easy but trying to do it in the time that you have is harder.

Eventually this will make its way into DCS World but for now you can download this mission from this Matt Wagner post.

Work progressing on IFF and datalink

Matt Wagner reported in his latest mini update that Data Link / MSI, MIDS and COLOR are all being programmed right now for the Hornet. These are further steps towards making the Hornet a more complete module.

In the image above, if you look in the left MFD, the Hornet is showing off a series of green and red symbols. These are presumably a mix of friendly and enemy contacts as marked by the IFF system and passed through Datalink. The ability to have a superior situational awareness through this feature will hopefully be a huge help in both offline and online scenarios. Datalink is also a feature that few other jets truly have and it’s pretty exciting to see it debut for the Hornet.

We have no release dates on anything here but traditionally once we start being shown these features they make their way into the available beta builds in a matter of weeks.

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