AJS-37 RC1 patch delay

Heatblur is almost entirely focused on getting their DCS: F-14 module out sometime before the end of the winter. This has caused them to miss their planned window for a final release candidate AJS-37 Viggen module and Cobra has provided a small update on the module.

A small update for a mostly complete module

The AJS-37 Viggen module is still considered an early access module and is receiving some upgrades before they consider it a fully released. Cobra from Heatblur was talking about recent delays and what they have planned for RC1 in a recent forum post:

Just wanted to drop in very quickly and update you on the Viggen. Unfortunately we’re so stressed with the F-14 rollout that we’ve done a very poor job of keeping you in the loop despite ongoing work.

We’re frustrated that we’ve missed our final RC patch projection window for the Viggen, but work continues and we hope to get there soonest. Once we nail down our exact list of new features & corrections for the RC1 patch, we’ll let you know on exactly what we hope to achieve with this major patch.

Some of the items include longstanding additions like the new soundset and in cockpit-pilot, and others focus more on correcting bugs and errors.

Stay tuned for more info ASAP, and thank you for your patience, with a little more breathing room we’ll deliver on the final missing pieces.

Cobra847 on the DCS World forums

RC1, presumably standing for release candidate one, is meant to move the project towards a fully finished module and out of early access. The team has already implemented some new features late last year like their ground radar 2.0 system and tweaks to the external model.

Upgraded PBR textures for both the exterior and interior of the AJS-37 are also planned as are some updated sounds and an in-cockpit pilot model.

The Viggen is already in great shape as a DCS World module but Heatblur is certainly pushing their project forward though we will have to wait a bit longer while the F-14 gets the priority for early access launch.


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