New DCS naval aviation, carrier module information

We’ve known for some time now that Eagle Dynamics is working on a more complete carrier operations experience for DCS World including a separate USS Nimitz-class carrier module to be sold separately at some point featuring added fidelity. Today, Matt Wagner gave us a mini-update on the progress being made there and their plans for carriers in-general.

An “improved carrier environment”

An F-14B launches from the John C. Stennis in DCS World 2.5.

In the last 12-16 months, Eagle Dynamics and DCS World has been leaning towards carrier operations and naval aviation in general. We’d had the Su-33 and the Admiral Kuznetsov which offered a limited experience for the sim. In the full fidelity arena, the AV-8B Harrier lead the way with USS Tarawa but it wasn’t until the F/A-18C Hornet came last year along with the improved USS John C. Stennis asset that things really started to happen.

Of course, the F-14B is now in early access from Heatblur and at least three of the Forrestal-class carriers are planned for that module. It’s already a great experience launching from the Stennis.

So what kind of improvements are going to happen? I’ll let Matt Wagner take over here:

1- The new Nimtiz-class aircraft carrier is nearing an early access release. There are a few items to first clean up like deck weathering, the bow catapult controller bubble, and elevator rails, but it’s coming along great. Once a bit further along, GA will make a spectacular video and we’ll discuss the features in greater detail. Once this is done, we’ll return to the Kuznetsov and then the Burke.

2- The deck crew animation for the bow cats is about done, and work has started on the waist cat launch animations for deck crew. This will also be using our new skeletal animation system.

3- CASE I radio communications are now working and being tuned. Once that is done, CASE II and III will be coded. All voice over lines for pilot, marshal, tower, approach, LSO, and departure have been recorded with several authentic personalities.

Our goal is to create the most realistic carrier environment ever done for a PC (entertainment and commercial). All in all, the carrier environment is going to be quite cool!

Matt Wagner on the DCS World Forums

Eagle Dynamics is working hard not just to provide the carrier model but also the rest of the experience too from the deck crew to the appropriate radio communications. This is great to see and an upgraded ATC experience has been long overdue.

How does this fit into DCS World?

The current USS John C. Stennis carrier arrived with the F/A-18C.

This new Nimitz-class experience is meant to take things a step further than the average carrier experience. It certainly sounds like the various positions on the ship, everything involved with naval aviation, are going to be accessible. This will be invaluable and extremely immersive for virtual squadrons that use carriers as their primary base.

What we don’t know is how this new carrier will fit into DCS World’s shared experience. Presumably everyone will have access to the carrier but that some features will be unavailable. Will the animated deck crew be available to all or just the people who pay for it? This is going to be an interesting situation that I hope Eagle Dynamics resolves smartly for all.

Heatblur has carriers coming too!

A work in progress Forrestal-class possibly coming later this year.

Eagle Dynamics isn’t the only group working on enhanced carrier ops in DCS World. Heatblur has released images of deck crew and of their Forrestal-class carrier which they intend to make a full experience as well. This will undoubtedly add to the F-14 experience but it also has the potential to enhance the experience for other aircraft too – notably the F-8 Crusader now announced by Leatherneck/Magnitude 3.

How these carriers and their operations compare up to what Eagle Dynamics is planning, as a separate module from their other content, remains to be seen.

One thing is sure, DCS World has gone from limited carrier operations to a wide variety of available possibilities. That’s great!

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  1. Torc says:

    Do we have any clarity on how the paid-for carrier will be inplemented for multiplayer? I fear it will simply be like WWII assets pack, where you simply can’t join a server using assets from that pack unless you own the pack.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      We don’t know what their plans are right now. That’s the biggest question on my mind with regards to this.

      I do think it’d be a disaster if they go the WWII assets pack route – hopefully it’ll be fully functional in multiplayer but only owners would have access to things like the onboard stations. This would be more like Combined Arms rather than WWII Assets.


    2. Good Guys Gaming says:

      We absolutely know their plans. It is the same as WWII Assets pack. If you do not buy it you cannot join a multiplayer server. Well done ED, another community division:


  2. William T Taylor says:

    i more worried about what they are thinking … the first expantion to active ground crews and so on are going to be behind a pay wall .. .thats not good.. the tech they are making to allow for the crews should absolutely not be a pay for part of the game.. there are two ways DCS expands .. 1 people try the free version and go in from there others see a simulation of one of their favorite planes and join from there… but adding a paywall in my opinion is just adding an unneeded finatial wall to the game . also its a ship … how much can you realy do with a ship in a flight sim … demanding money for a resonable evalution of the game is bad … real bad.. also it makes them look bad because heatblur is adding a carrier for free with an aircraft and a second varriant of same aircraft.. i think they are making a huge mistake. while ill by it because i love the game i think it will effect growth at least a little which will compound the loss of growth over time… this is just a bad call accross the board.. and yes i can not see how its not going to be an asset pack issue.


    Liked by 2 people

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I know what you mean. The pay for Nimitz-class carrier does seem to be problematic in the least. Still, we don’t fully know what their plans are here or where they draw the line.

      How many features will come regardless of what you, as a player own, and what will be considered extra and locked away with the paid for module.

      We’ll have to wait and see what they are planning to do because, IMHO, it’s really not too clear right now.


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