DCS mini-Hornet update, DM update, Ural truck

There’s been a few DCS World updates this week but I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to keep up. Here’s a small round-up of a few key updates with the Hornet, damage model updates, a revised Ural truck 3D model,

Hornet is getting its targeting pod a little sooner

Earlier this week we got an update from Matt Wagner on the latest details surrounding the F/A-18C Hornet for DCS World. One of the key changes was a change in priorities from completing the HARM PB mode to implementing the Lightening II pod instead.

The big items (in no particular order) that we are working on for the Hornet include:
– Cleaning up the JDAM and adding new features to the JDAM
– Adding the JSOW (already in internal test)
– Add full simulation of GPS and INS alignment and navigation systems
– PRECISE waypoint input mode
– Correcting HARM guidance
– MIDS for LTWS and TWS
– Litening II targeting pod

Regarding PB mode for HARM, we decided to push this back for two reasons: 1- based on client feedback, the targeting pod is much more in demand, and 2- we first want to complete the new waypoint database system that will allow creating of PB points.

Matt Wagner on the DCS World forums

Also highlighted by the list are things like adding the JSOW for standoff target attack, a more complete implementation of the INS system, fixing HARM guidance (which is seriously off right now), and of course the targeting pod which I mentioned before. The Lightening II will be one of two pods that will ultimately be available on the Hornet.

DCS WWII damage model update

DCS World’s WWII simulation has had a serious achilles heel for quite some time now surrounding the simplified damage model versus what’s really necessary for a WWII simulation. Eagle Dynamics has been working on that for a while now and they are making progress.

Eagle Dynamics is now able to track internal damage in a more robust way. Systems will fail and bullet entry and exit points, when appropriate, are now calculated. This is being done for the Eagle Dynamics WWII aircraft but one can assume that it will spread to any other WWII models later on.

Damage debug information from the Bf109K-4 after sustaining a flak hit.

New Ural truck

The modern Russian military’s bread and butter is the Ural-375 truck. Available in multiple configurations, this model has been in DCS World for many years and was deserving of an update.

Multiple versions are coming to DCS World (including the curtain sided version above) and this will just add to the collection of recently upgraded models.

Of course, many are calling for other vehicles and objects and it sounds like Eagle Dynamics has established a pipeline for those when time is available to do them. A truck like this is, of course, far simpler and easier to schedule between projects than something like an aircraft. I’d like to see the C-17 and S-3 get serious upgrades before too long for example but those will take considerably longer.

Read more about this update and others on the DCS World Weekend News update.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. William T Taylor says:

    what i realy want to know is were Eagle dynamics sees DCS heading in the next 2 to 3 years and what heatblur is making next i want a preorder as im bying a house and have the money to pre order now but may not if they dont announce it soon


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Outside of their comments back at the end of last year and the start of this year we don’t really know too much more.

      A dynamic campaign generator is on the way. They are working on a high fidelity carrier op experience. They have the F-16C, Mi-24, AH-1, F-4E, P-47D-30 and Mosquito FB.VI on the slate for internal aircraft development. There’s probably more that I’m forgetting.

      Heatblur has not committed to anything beyond the F-14. They have said they hope to do a flyable Draken and A-6 Intruder. That’s probably 2-3 years out as F-14 is probably still taking up most of their resources.

      It’s going to be interesting but I don’t think we know fully what’s going on beyond that.


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