Community video round-up spring 2019

If there’s one thing that I’m constantly surprised and impressed at, it’s the sheer volume and creativity of the flight sim community in creating new and exciting gameplay and cinematic videos. They showcase great gameplay and teamwork, fun and silly moments, epic compilations and brilliant displays of creativity. Here’s a round-up of some of my favourite videos that I’ve watched over the last few months.

Storms of aircraft, teamwork, and cinematic flair!

Let’s start with Nightwolf’s ‘The Storm’ DCS World Cinematic. This nearly 8-minute epic is worth every second of beautifully captured cinematic goodness showing DCS World from different angles and from different perspectives.

In this cinematic from jharvey407, a lone IL-2 tackles a series of ship and ground targets on the new Combat Box server. Catchy music and good camera angles keep the tension and entertainment levels high. This one doesn’t have nearly enough views on YouTube so definitely check this one out.

Where would a video roundup be without the prolific Keller Dominik welcoming summer with another DCS World cinematic. Look for some great time-lapses, close-up shots, and some daring flying.

Up in the Skies by Oberleutnant Garretson has a more subdued cinematic flair blending real and virtual footage and audio clips from IL-2: Great Battles.

Next up, The Grim Reapers and their usual DCS World scenarios reach a fevered pitch in Day 18 of their Cold War campaign. This is a return to form in many ways with a complex coop scenario played out by multiple teams working together on achieving the mission objectives. And… most of plan comes together! Check it out!

In this next video by Hellreign82, he takes a P-51D into the Burning Skies multiplayer server for a difficult and somewhat surprising sortie. I won’t ruin it but I honestly thought he was done for.

From KOTA Event #2, The Bomber Squad (DBS) and Tactical Bomber and Attack Squad (TBAS), take on a series of difficult strikes on enemy targets. Some great teamwork and bomber/attack work going on here despite difficult odds!

Let’s finish this off with Adrián Caparzo’s Need for Speed video showing off Heatblur’s spectacular F-14 for DCS with a series of sequences that closely mimic scenes from the Top Gun movie. Bonus points for Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone to kick things off!


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