DCS World 2.5.5 open beta is here and its big!

It may be a bit late but DCS World 2.5.5 open beta has finally arrived on the scene and there’s a lot here. You can read the patch notes yourself in full here but I wanted to highlight some of the big changes and the small ones that will make a big difference to many of you.

FW190A-8 enters early access

Eagle Dynamics’ latest WWII aircraft is the FW190A-8 and its now available in early access. A few users have reported that it has a few bugs and that it has a limited number of liveries but it also apparently has the best audio of any WWII warbird in DCS. This aircraft will surely become more refined over the coming weeks and months.

Head on over to the DCS World e-Shop if you’re interested in flying the new A-8.

Crime and Punishment for DCS: MiG-19 available

Baltic Dragon’s ‘Crime and Punishment’ campaign for DCS: MiG-19 is included in this patch and it brings with it a detailed 10-mission campaign by one of DCS World’s top campaign builders.

I’m looking forward to trying out this campaign and spending more time in the MiG-19.

A long list of fixes

The list of updates and fixes is lengthy and I only want to highlight and summarize just a few.

  • Changes to the way that the engine/map rendering is done to improve VR performance. Supposedly this has some big effects on performance!
  • Changes to the MiG-19’s flight model, G-suit parameters, damage model, cockpit lighting updates, and improvements to cockpit dials and knobs (they won’t spin forever)
  • An absolutely massive list of changes and updates for the DCS: F-14 with tweaks to the flight model, fuel rates, JESTER AI changes including INS update bugs, new missions and so much more.
  • The DCS: AV-8B gets new kneeboard functionality, HUD colour fix, CCIP update, and bomb release order
  • New updates for the Hornet including one small update that makes a big difference: PRECISE coordinate entry for the Hornet is now available.
  • Minor but important tweaks for the MiG-21bis (Leatherneck stresses these are small updates coming ahead of a more major update for the module)
  • Wake turbulence has been added (but not fully)

The rest of the patch update list can be read right here.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. VK-94 says:

    Just a quick reminder about the VR optimization that did not made it to this release. They had a last minute problem and had to postpone the VR improvements to a coming patch.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I did not know that. I’ll have to update!


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