New training video for F-18 covers JSOW, MSI for LTWS, PRECISE

Lots of new features have or will be coming in the next open beta for DCS: F/A-18C Hornet including the AGM-154A/C, MSI for LTWS for enhanced situational awareness and PRECISE mode for coordinate entry. Let’s check out Matt Wagner’s latest training video!

Enhanced precision strike

The Hornet’s fourth-generation precision strike features continue to gain features and we’re now being treated to some very impressive stand-off strike capabilities with the AGM-154A/C JSOW

The AGM-154A is an airburst weapon designed to attack both armored and unarmored vehicles while the AGM-154C is designed to deal with hardened targets such as bunkers or large buildings.

These glide bombs make use of the launch aircraft’s altitude and speed to hit targets from a considerable distance. Their reduced radar cross sections also make them harder to be detected and hit by air defense systems. All in all these weapons give the Hornet an ability that few other aircraft in DCS World currently have – the ability to cause a lot of damage from standoff distances potentially avoiding air defenses altogether depending on the situation.

Another feature covered in the video is the PRECISE mode which is used when entering coordinates. The ability to switch from standard method to a more precise one – essential when guiding GPS guided weapons to target such as the JSOW or JDAM.

Finally, a new radar option called MSI (multi-sensor input) puts more detailed information on the attack radar display bringing in information from datalink as well as the aircraft’s sensors and replacing the standard bricks that make up the radar display.

Check that all out in the below video:

Latest open beta release date

Of course the big question is when we’ll be able to try these new systems out and the answer is soon but not just yet. Earlier today, Matt Wagner indicated what the latest status was:

Hey everyone,

We are still working on a number of blocking bugs for the next Open Beta and that we need to resolve them before release. We don’t have a specific day or time, but the team is working very hard to have the Open Beta cleaned up for a release as soon as possible.

When we know more, myself or Nineline will be sure to let you know.


Matt Wagner on the DCS World Forums

A lot of complex features and updates have been put into the latest DCS World releases with 2.5.5 and many of those are getting refinements.

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