Listen to the new DCS: F-16 sounds

Eagle Dynamics reports that they are developing new sound technology to better replicate the sound of aircraft in DCS World. One of the aircraft receiving that treatment is the DCS: F-16C ‘Viper’ which is currently in pre-order pending early access this fall.

New, better sounds

Sounds has been a bit of a mixed bag for DCS World. Some are great and others have been found lacking by the community. The crackle and roar of modern jet fighters is part of the experience and as good as DCS World is with some modules.. there’s always the possibility to do better. That’s what appears to be happening here.

Here’s the description from the DCS World YouTube channel:

A very important aspect of developing the most realistic F-16C simulation possible will be the audio environment. This includes all of the sounds within the cockpit like voices messages and beeps and boops, but also the external engine sounds, fly-by sounds, and all the other sounds that make an F-16C sound like an F-16C. In this video, we have a sample of the new audio technology recently developed that our Viper takes advantage of.

That all sounds great but let’s check out the sound!

I have to admit that it’s convincing! I really like the work that Eagle Dynamics has done with the Hornet including getting that ‘woosh’ noise made by the Hornet that I just don’t hear on other jet fighters at airshows. This sounds like its maybe another half step forward and that’s great to hear!

Several have remarked on the FW190A-8 also having some of the best sounds from a DCS warbird – clearly this is an overall direction from Eagle Dynamics on future modules (and hopefully some old ones too).

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Blue 5 says:

    Any word on the AAR?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I don’t think we’ve heard about features like that yet.


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