Legends of the East Part One: Introduction

Often, I find myself writing editorials and articles in response to discussions happening within the community. One of the discussions that I’ve seen come up over the years and one that I’ve seen a lot recently (perhaps as a result of the recent sale for IL-2) is just how unfamiliar western virtual pilots are with Soviet WWII era aircraft. That lack of familiarity leads them to fly the more well known Bf109s and FW190s of the Luftwaffe while ignoring the Soviet aircraft.

While I think everyone should fly whatever they want to fly I think there’s a great missed opportunity to enjoy some different aircraft and maybe a few people will find that they find them just as interesting as some of the types that they at first considered “better known.”

With that in mind I decided that I will write a series detailing some of the significant aircraft of the Eastern Front with my new ‘Legends of the East’ series.

I’m going to try and make these mid length articles that give you a bit of the design and development of the aircraft as well as the wartime history. I’ll also get a little into their virtual counterparts and pull some vital stats to really showcase what some of them can do.

I will also be looking to incorporate clips from popular YouTube (or Twitch) streamers who regularly fly these aircraft so you can not only read about them but also see them in action online too.

The series will release every Monday until I run out of aircraft families to cover. Look for the first installment next week!

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  1. BlueHeron says:

    Nice, it will be great to get reacquainted with these birds. They can be a lot of fun to fly but their engine management tends to be a bit more complex than that of other Allied planes, which has been putting me off lately.


  2. bigalrico says:

    I think that’s a great idea! Besides, it is a shame that some people (that’s how it seems to me) only want to stick to a few specific types like the Fw 190 or 109 and never want to play anything else.
    Especially when you have the choice, you should just give it a try. Of course you don’t get warm with every type, but I’m tempted to learn something about these planes if I don’t know them well.
    Thanks for your work, and I can look forward to something on Mondays 🙂



  3. tyronesaywtf says:

    Great idea!. I definitely look forward to this series!

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  4. scottgridley says:

    Looking forward to it!

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  5. Huckle says:

    Looking forward to these.
    I’d say that if many westerners are less likely to latch on to a Soviet aircraft, it’s simply because there was much less exposure during our formative years. I know the books and biographies I read on WW2 when I was a kid revolved around BoB, and Western Europe combat.
    Frankly, I’ve envied those who are only interested in one aircraft, I find it hard to pin one down for any length of time to master it – too many choices.
    With that in mind, I’m locking in several aircraft for my real-time playthrough of WWII’s 80th anniversary, kicking off in Sept 2019 🙂


  6. rgargente says:

    Cool! Looking forward to it!

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  7. Boris_CRO says:

    Boris approves. Dont get why the animosity for soviet ww2 planes. They could hold their own every step of the way.

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  8. VK-94 says:

    While I can understand the anglo-saxon world dont know very well the air war over the eastern front, I have the impression that german, french, italian and spanish enthusiasts know pretty well these fighters.

    It’s all about soldiers having fought in Russia. Germans for obvious reasons know what planes the Luftwaffe had faced, French had the famous Normandie-Niemen squadron flying russian fighters, Italians had their own pilots flying over Russia and Spain sent the Azul division with both infantry and a fighter squadron.

    Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to your articles, it’s great to spread knowledge about some of the best WWII planes.

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  9. Again, very good idea from you, mate. I love your blog and it is always interesting having a look and getting a good read. And as a Red pilot I welcome this project your are planning to do.

    Tank you very much.


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