DCS: F-16 trailer delayed slightly

The highly anticipated trailer showing off the DCS: F-16C from Eagle Dynamics is delayed slightly as Glowing Amraam, the community member who has created many of Eagle Dynamics trailers over the years, has fallen ill.

The latest

Here’s the word directly from Glowing Amraam:

Hi all, this week was supposed to see the release of the F-16 trailer. Unfortunatly, i have become quite ill with high fever, and i will spend the next few days in bed recovering. This is very frustrating for me as i promised the video for you guys tomorrow.. I hope to have the video ready for you guys next week sometime.

Thanks for understanding.

Glowing Amraam

Of course finishing a trailer while extremely ill is not a good idea and I’m content to wait. Health takes precedence always! Get well soon Glowing Amraam!

In the meantime

There’s not much DCS: F-16 video content out there but you can, in the meantime, always review the two videos that have come from Eagle Dynamics.

And of course there’s a ton of F-16C screenshots now out there to enjoy. We’ll see the new trailer soon enough!

One Comment Add yours

  1. BlueHeron says:

    Knowing GA, it will be well worth the wait. Get well, dude!

    Liked by 1 person

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