Chuck makes a big update to his DCS: F/A-18 guide

If you regularly read Chuck’s Guides for your DCS modules and have the DCS: F/A-18C in your virtual hangar – you may want to check out a major update that Chuck has made to his guide for the Hornet!

Bringing new features into focus

The JSOW is just one of the new weapons that Chuck’s guide covers in this big update.

Chuck’s Guide has, from the start, been my go to with the DCS: F/A-18C combining thoroughness and ease of understanding. Since Chuck made his last update to the guide there have been a large number of new features added to the Hornet and so it was time to add in some new sections to take into account all of these new features.

Here are the major updates:

  • Updated Start-Up Procedure
  • Added IFF & Datalink Section
  • Added AGM-65F Maverick
  • Added AGM-88C HARM (TOO & SP)
  • Added GBU-38 JDAM (Pre-Planned)
  • Added AGM-154 JSOW (TOO)
  • Added AIM-9X (JHMCS)
  • Added AIM-120
  • Re-wrote Sensors Section & Updated Radar Modes
  • Added FPAS page description

The page count has jumped by a fair bit with this update with so many new sections.

Of course Chuck is always great with the community and is actively taking suggestions if something seems off.

Overall, some pretty significant changes… the page count went from 202 to 286 pages. Once again, if you guys still have any suggestions, recommendations or corrections, please let me know.

Chuck_Owl on r/hoggit

So, check out the new updated guide here on Mudspike and visit the r/hoggit discussion thread.

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