End of summer IL-2 sale is on!

Though not officially announced yet, it appears that an end of summer IL-2 sale is now on with various titles in the IL-2: Great Battle Series being offered at a substantial discount. If you were thinking about picking up something from the 1CGS IL-2 store or Steam, now is definitely the time!

What’s on sale?

Most of the IL-2 series is currently on sale and here are the standouts:

  • IL-2: Battle of Moscow – $16.99 (Standard) and $27.19 (Premium)
  • IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad – $16.99 (Standard) and $27.19 (Premium)
  • IL-2: Battle of Kuban – $24.99 (Standard) and $39.99 (Premium)
  • Scripted campaigns Fortress on the Volga, Havoc Over the Kuban, Blazing Steppe, and Ten Days of Autumn are all $4.99.

Collector Planes and Early Access titles are currently not on sale.

Check out the IL-2 website store or Steam to pick up the latest sales.


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