Eagle Dynamics shows off wake turbulence, new Bf109K-4 campaign

If you’re like me, you might love data visualizations and Eagle Dynamics has a special treat of a video showing off the new wake turbulence systems that they have implemented recently in DCS World using a special debug mode in DCS World to show what the sim is doing when an aircraft passes through the air. There’s also a new 12-mission DCS: Bf109K-4 campaign for fans of that aircraft to check out!

Lots of wake turbulence images

This new video shows off what wake turbulence looks like in DCS World. The devs have used a debug mode and particle effects to show what it looks like and how it can effect aircraft in the sim. Based on fluid dynamics models the sim version was designed with realism and performance in mind – a difficult balance. Check it out!

Jagdflieger campaign

If you like the Bf109K-4 for DCS World and want a new single player campaign to check out, Reflected Simulations new Jagdflieger campaign might be what you’re looking for. It’s just been added to Steam after being available on the DCS World e-Store.

Here’s the description:

It’s March 1944, the beginning of the end. The Reich has become a fortress without a roof. The large formations of Allied four motors have become daily visitors. Come, join the German Luftwaffe in these dire times. Jump into one of JG26’s Messerschmitt Bf-109-s and find out what it’s like to attack the “fat cats” head-on, or to take off in a hail of bullets from the attacking Mustangs. Watch the Allied forces land on the beaches of Normandy and support the retreating Wehrmacht. Let all the details immerse you in this semi-historical campaign and make you feel like a young Jagdflieger fighting a lost battle, where, like 1944, survival is the most you can hope for.

And the cool trailer:

And the key features:

  • 12 semi-historical missions focusing on JG26 from March to July 1944
  • A detailed background story, mission contexts and checklists
  • Detailed briefings and briefing images, including separate PDF mission files
  • Unique kneeboard graphics for each mission
  • Over 250 specially recorded voice-over messages and radio broadcasts
  • Historically accurate custom skins
  • A wide array of missions including free hunt, intercept, bomber escort and ground attack

Interested? Check it out in the DCS World e-Store and on Steam!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Blue 5 says:

    It’s March ‘44 and JG26 have…K-4s?

    What is if with flight sims and the SWOTL for one side, earlier aircraft for the other? It is getting a little creepy.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      This is the thing that is still frustrating about DCS World’s WWII offering. Their aircraft set is scattered and not at all focused on Normandy – though they are starting to come around on that.


  2. george tsakanikas says:

    Flying with wake turbulence is awesome, especially when refueling or tailing a wingman through a valley!


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