New stall video shows new Flight Simulator stall/spin testing

Microsoft continues to slow trickle information about their next gen flight simulator title with a new video being released to the public featuring what a stall looks like in the simulation. And it looks really convincing to me and gives me some serious hope for a high fidelity flight model.

Overcoming skepticism

I’ll admit that I’m a bit skeptical of the new Flight Simulator by Microsoft. There’s a lot we don’t know about the product or what its model it ultimately going to be like. We’ve heard that it won’t be subscription based as many have mused and now another concern, flight modeling, is slowly being addressed thanks to videos like this one released by Microsoft and shared by The War Zone on YouTube (dear Microsoft, put your videos on YouTube so we can share them).

The video shows an aircraft (with a G1000) in a spin along with a partial recovery at the end.

Also in the video are further evidence of the new simulators beautiful effects and very convincing scenery – just look at those suburbs and how clean everything looks.

Vast improvements

I was less than impressed with FSX when it came out and the thing that drove me away from FSX at the time was the “on rails” flight modeling that I experienced. Sims like IL-2: Forgotten Battles doing a far better job of making you feel like you were flying.

I’m not an expert enough in flight to be able to tell you if the flight model on a given aircraft is right or accurate but what I do want to see is something that makes me feel like I’m there in the aircraft, flying, dodging clouds, etc. IL-2 and DCS World do this in incredible ways and X-Plane makes a good attempt at it too.

I looked away for a long time (though die hard fans of FSX and the derived from-P3D obviously stuck to what became a long lived title) from the series, however, what we see here is a very good first impression. It’s not the be all and end all of flight modeling but certainly it gives me hope that they are not phoning this one in or dressing up pretty graphics with a poor simulation.

At the moment the new title is really starting to grab my attention. It’s doing some things that are very appealing along with a great aircraft line-up and visuals that are impressively stunning. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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