Back to back academic videos for DCS: F-16C

Unguided bombs and laser guided bombs (using a JTAC) are next up on the DCS: F-16C in back to back academic videos released by Matt Wagner on his YouTube channel. Covering various release modes and procedures, these videos walk you through step by step how to make the most of the F-16’s bomb release capabilities.

Unguided and then laser guided

The basics of Continuously Computed Impact Point (CCIP) and Constantly Computer Release Point (CCRP) are covered in this first video. Included in the initial release are the Mk-84, Mk-82 LDGP, Mk-82SE, Mk-82AIR, BDU-33, CBU-87, and CBU-97.

This is a now familiar selection of US air-to-ground munitions including high drag and cluster munitions.

In the second video, Matt Wagner covers how to use the Paveway GBU-12 and GBU-10 laser guided bombs. They are familiar for anyone who flies the A-10C, AV-8B, and F/A-18C and offer potent precision bombing capabilities to the F-16C.

In this video, the procedures cover how to use the bombs with a JTAC. Eagle Dynamics has also announced that they intend to launch the Litening targeting pod either with Early Access or soon after.

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