First image of RAZBAM’s reworked M-2000C cockpit

We have our first image of what the new M-2000C cockpit will look like and it’s looking great.

Check it out

It’s not F-16 news but it may make you do a double take because RAZBAM has shown off their work on the upgraded cockpit for the M-2000C. Just as with their previous effort on the AV-8B, this upgrade takes the visuals a step forward with revised 3D geometry and texture work that take full advantage of what DCS World 2.5 can offer.

According to RAZBAM developers this may come in the patch due later this week.

We will see if we can get it in for tomorrow


Till then, we have this one image to have a look at.

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  1. Percy Danvers says:

    That is astonishgly good. I need to make some time to fly the Mirage with the old cockpit before the update so I can appreciate it all the better.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Likewise. I’ve been avoiding flying the M-2000C because I’ve been waiting for all of the updates to settle down… once they do I intend to fly more!


  2. schurem says:

    hon hon hon , c’est la baguette au beurre, oui oui oh la la!

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