Trio of new DCS: F-16C videos including launch trailer out!

A trio of new DCS: F-16C videos are out with two academic videos covering the Viper’s air to air modes and a new launch trailer has just arrived in the last couple of hours. This is all on the heels of the announcement that the DCS: F-16C will launch sometime tomorrow, October 3rd, to DCS Open Beta access. Plus we also have a few new images just prior to launch. Let’s check them all out!

Academics first

The F-16C is meant to perform the air superiority role and arguably was designed around the role of short range dogfighter with added capabilities being put into the jet later. So it’s only fitting that the next two videos cover AIM-120 and AIM-9X operations including information on how to use the air-to-air radar system and the helmet cueing system for engaging targets at high off boresight angles.

And now the entertainment

Glowing Amraam does his usual trailer making magic for the DCS: F-16C putting together some glorious images of the new module performing in all of the different ways that you’d expect an F-16C to perform. The dogfights, the attack missions, the screaming jet engines… it’s all here. Go, enjoy!

I am very hyped for tomorrow!

New images

We have new images looking back in the cockpit as the team has just finalized that area of the jet.

We also see the vapour effects in full view here in this one new image as well as the Viper parked on the ground with the gear fully extended. This is an area of the jet that wasn’t quite finished a couple of weeks ago and now is finished. Excellent!

Remember, pre-order discounts end sometime tonight so if you want in now before the discount disappears… you have just hours to make that happen. Tomorrow the module releases to early access!

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  1. 1_Robert says:

    Thanks again for these updates Shamrock. I’ve purchased most modules yet I don’t fly DCS much due to the inability to spot in VR. Other sims (il2) are much better with this so I’ve mainly stayed away from DCS which is unfortunate. It would be nice to be able to enjoy the high fidelity modeled in DCS.
    My question to you is have they managed to improve this with any of the recent updates? I last flew the sim after purchasing the F14 – do you know if has improved since then? If so I will definitely try out the Viper.

    Many thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      With regards to spotting, Eagle Dynamics hasn’t done much there that I’m aware of. Aircraft are very hard to spot in the series, not impossible, but very hard. Tests have revealed that aircraft can be seen, technically, from a long distance away (40km plus in some cases) but the actual spotting mechanic is hard.

      IL-2 has made changes to that mechanic in the patch on Monday which I think further improve that spotting experience. It makes me wish ED put a little effort into that as well.


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