Eagle Dynamics details roadmap for Hornet, Viper, AI updates

It’s been a busy time for Eagle Dynamics and DCS World on the whole with lots being said about the latest modules in production and Eagle Dynamics is keen to point out that feedback is helping to inform their development priorities. To that end they have released some key areas that they want to roll out next. We’ve also learned about some updates to the AI that will primarily have an impact on WWII aircraft.

Hornet and Viper

Both F/A-18C and F-16C projects are pressing forward and there are some key priorities that Eagle Dynamics wants to share with us as they move forward on these projects. They have shared those with us and I’m going to highlight some of the key items on the list:

  • Complete external skin and provide template to the public and provide additional skins
  • Update external lights, add wing flex
  • Visual damage model
  • Add the TWS radar mode
  • Ability to create and modify steerpoints from UFC

The F-16’s biggest issues include the missing damage model which basically makes killing the jet except in extreme circumstances impossible. This is going to need to be a priority for the F-16 to really exist properly on online servers.

Not on their list that I think should at least get a temporary implementation is IFF. For F-16C to operate in online servers it will need that and the damage model to really be something that we can use effectively. Until then the F-16 will be a real challenge to operate successfully in those environments.

First image of the AGM-62 Walleye on the Hornet

The Hornet is getting some love too and in-fact it looks like Eagle Dynamics will be going to a model where the two jets are developed in parallel. Look at some of the key features being developed for the Hornet:

  • New radar modes including TWS, SPOT, and AACQ
  • Release of the AGM-62 Walleye
  • Line of sight indication on the HUD for targeting pod
  • Smaller flare option for up to 60 carried flares

For the full lists check out the DCS World Weekend News update.

New AI updates

Eagle Dynamics is detailing a new update to their AI system that should make it aim a little more realistically. The AI will use prior shots, with tracer fire, to gauge their next shot with varying degrees of effectiveness depending on the AI’s skill level. The AI won’t successfully aim on centre-mass every time any more either.

There are also some interesting notes on adding some unique behaviours to the AI in certain situations.

Now this is only the first phase of these changes, the next adjustments will focus on targeting of key components and areas of different aircraft, as we were told by Luftwaffe fighter pilot Erich Brunotte, they were instructed to fire on the inner left engine on B-17s as there were some critical systems that were not doubled located there. This will allow the AI to be more precise as far as targeting aircraft components going forward.

DCS World Weekend News Update

These updates should make a big difference to the authenticity of the DCS: WWII expansions. I would guess that it will also effect jets and modern jet combat just as much though Eagle Dynamics hasn’t mentioned that just yet.

Open Beta update

An open beta update released today with a long list of updates to many of the DCS World modules. The F-16 gets many fixes including some key RWR sound updates (it was referencing the files for the F/A-18 instead of having its own sounds – these are still placeholder Hornet sounds).

Check that full list out here.

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