IL-2 dev diary focuses on clouds, new tanks

It’s hard to top the recent collection of IL-2 developer diary updates so this latest update feels a bit smaller by comparison though the one big feature update we’ve learned about affects the look and performance of the whole sim and I think everyone is going to like this a lot. New cloud rendering updates improve performance or improve the look of the clouds! We’ve also got new looks at the Panzer V and the Su-122 for Tank Crew.

Extreme looking clouds

An update to the IL-2 engine’s cloud rendering technologies has apparently yielded some impressive improvements to performance. The developers are calling it a “significant performance optimization.”

My understanding is that the that clouds will look the same as before but will render more quickly and therefore improve overall performance. No matter if your system is on the lower end of the spec scale or if you’ve got a high end system running VR, performance improvements are always welcome!

There’s also a new extreme mode for the clouds which will further improve the visuals of the clouds. The new extreme mode will remove the “boiling” effect that you see when looking at the clouds from the side as well as improving the smooth transitions and visuals of the clouds.

Pictures are worth a thousand words so the developers have dropped us four new screenshots.

Now, surely a few are asking if this fixes the visibility problem in front of clouds, with an artifact known as ‘aliasing’ which we have confirmation from IL-2’s lead producer that it will not be.

No this does not affect the aliasing issue.

Jason Williams

The developers have responded on a few occasions that they will need to overhaul the whole engine to fix that particular problem. Of course that makes it non trivial to fix and will require a major effort by the developers. Jason has talked about an engine upgrade coming in the more distant future so surely they are thinking about that as an improvement later on.

In the more immediate future we’ve got improvements to performance and to the visuals of the clouds in IL-2 and that’s a great thing!

New tanks

Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka continues with development. It won’t be complete at the same time as Bodenplatte or Flying Circus and development may press on into the new year.

We have learned that an update coming at the end of this month will introduce the campaigns for both sides with detailed 10-mission battles for both sides of the conflict. The developers are also working hard to bring two new tanks to Tank Crew.

First up, we’ve got the Pz.Kpfw.V Ausf.D in work in progress production. Better known as the Panther, this tank was a compromise between speed, mobility, toughness and firepower, with more efficient frontal armour than the Tiger I but with reduced armor on the flanks. The Panther was rushed into combat for Battle of Kursk and suffered mostly due to mechanical issues.

Then we have the SU-122 self-propelled artillery. The 122mm artillery cannon contained within it’s hull was enough to blow the turret off a Tiger when scoring a direct hit. The cannon was also useful for clearing enemy strongholds. 1CGS reports that this tank is quite far along in development so we may see it soon.

Next update in a few weeks

As reported earlier, 1CGS intends to bring an update in just a few weeks with the campaigns for Tank Crew. It may also include the new cloud rendering technology and it may or may not be the final patch for Flying Circus and Bodenplatte.

We’re close to the end on those titles and it’ll be interesting to see how quickly we reach the end of development there and start to learn what the team plans next. I suspect we’ll know by the end of the year what 1CGS is going to do in the future!

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