Leatherneck Simulations details MiG-21bis, F4U, F8 dev updates

In their ‘Autumn Wind’ update, Leatherneck Simulations, has detailed some updates that are more than skin deep on the DCS: MiG-21bis project while also updating us on their new projects. Let’s have a look!

The MiG-21bis updates continue

Leatherneck Simulations DCS: MiG-21bis is something of a beloved addition to the DCS World aircraft line-up with its quirky handling, high performance, and ability to occasionally surprise a more advanced fighter through superior tactics and taking advantage of the MiG-21’s bullet-like disposition. Upgrades to the module can only be a good thing when it comes to solving some long standing problems with the module.

These visual updates come on the heels of a improved effects that are planned for the module such as this afterburner effect that was shown in a previous update.

The 3D model has seen changes to the dorsal spine, tail, and pitot boom which will mean that current liveries will be out of date and may have misaligned textures on the revised model. Leatherneck intends to release an updated template and preliminary 3D model for texture artists to work on prior to full release.

No interior updates were mentioned in this update but we already know that they have also worked on revisions to the cockpit including a lighting and PBR revamp as well as some 3D mesh changes. It’s good to see!

In addition to visual updates, the MiG-21bis is getting some system work done as well. Issues with the SPO-10 RWR system have long been a problem. Leatherneck is working on a solution that involves a large scale test with the community.

Here are the details:

We are happy to inform you that with one of the upcoming open beta updates, an adjusted SPO-10 system will be released.  Though this does not come without a quirk.  Our very limited capabilities to test such features in a closed test server environment, precluded its in-depth testing.  To speak more simply, we would like to ask you for help in testing it.  Since only in an open environment with multiple targets creating radar emissions, we can fully test the feature.  Thus, we kindly ask you to provide any feedback in the form of bug reports and post it into our bug tracker: https://leatherneck-sim.mantishub.io

Seems reasonable!

The Corsair is coming along

You’re looking at Leatherneck Simulations’ F4U-1D Corsair cockpit and it’s extremely impressive. The low light interior lighting is suitably moody and the texture detail in the first image is outstanding though Leatherneck is keen to point out that they are still working on this and there are still placeholder textures in place – surely they are more noticeable when looking at the 3D version of the cockpit.

Research and art continue on this module with the update including a video showing the mechanism for the tailwheel and arrestor hook as well as a Corsair coming in for a landing.

F8 Crusader work continues

Leatherneck is also working away on their more recently announced F8 Crusader. The F8 represents a new era of carrier borne aircraft and should be a very interesting addition to the aircraft stable.

The Leatherneck team has been expanded to accommodate work on the new module with efforts going into programming and into the 3D model. As the update explains, a preliminary 3D model is being produced in order to assist with the early programming.

Still early days for the F8 but I know a lot of you are excited about it coming to DCS World and I’ll be here checking in on it.

Read the rest of the update

Check out the Leatherneck update with videos, details of their updates, and news on the MiG-21bis, Christen Eagle II, F4U and F8!


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  1. Warlock says:

    Leatherneck should be the ones making the F-4E Phantom. Nobody has the touch they have with older aircraft.

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