VIRPIL’s Constellation Alpha exceeds pre-order expectations, new helicopter collective?

VIPRIL has been busy building interchangeable hardware for a variety of flight simulation needs. I’ve done reviews of the WarBRD and the first gen MongoostT-50 throttle. VIRPIL’s latest hardware release is the Constellation Alpha, a space sim grip that seems to be a great option for non-space sim folks too. And then there’s news on a VPC helicopter collective. Let’s have a look at those two things!

Constellation Alpha pre-order

VIRPIL’s Constellation Alpha is available for pre-order and it’s been such a hit that VIRPIL has had to start a queue for a second round of production pre-orders. Everyone who pre-ordered before November 8th will have their order in the next 90 days according to the statement and those coming after will be fulfilled in approximately 120 days.

To avoid the possibility pre-order queues growing out of control we always note that pre-orders are both time and quantity limited. However, we know there are many who still wish to get their pre-order in for the upcoming VPC Constellation ALPHA Grip and as such we do not want to completely remove that pre-order option significantly ahead of the 2 week pre-order schedule.

Instead, we would like to provide the option that new pre-orders for the VPC Constellation ALPHA Grip placed from today – 8th November, will be dispatched in a later batch following in an estimated 120 days (currently scheduled for March 2020). Existing pre-orders will still be dispatched within the previous estimated 90 days time frame.

VIRPIL announcement

If you’re interested, check out the details at the VIRPIL online store. The Constellation Alpha is retailing for €161.96.

VIRPIL is working on helicopter gear

In a move that is sure to delight dedicated helicopter fans, VIRPIL’s chief designer has shown off some designs for a helicopter collective system that they are working on. The information comes from this thread (on the Russian part of the VIRPIL forum).

I’m still new to the helicopter scene but with such a lack of dedicated equipment being available, VIRPIL going into this part of the scene is sure to get the attention of helicopter sim fans. None more than Sérgio Costa of who has a far more detailed write-up of what VIRPIL’s efforts might mean for fans of the community.

More to come on this as it is announced!

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  1. Michael Dwyer says:

    ohh, I don’t know what I would do with an ACTUAL collective. That would be really great.

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