Flying the Kaiserschlacht campaign for Flying Circus Vol 1

I had a chance to quickly check out the first missions of the Kaiserschlacht campaign by SYN_Vander and a small and dedicated group of community members who have put together this 6-mission mini campaign for Flying Circus. Let’s check it out!

Six missions, two perspectives

Cranking this campaign out in record time, SYN_Vander and a group of community members from The Syndicate and other people from around the IL-2: Great Battles, Flying Circus and Rise of Flight community have managed to create a short but compelling single player experience for Flying Circus.

You step into the role of a pilot on the Western Front in the spring of 1918 flying for either side in the conflict. You’ll take to the skies in either a Fokker Dr. I tri-plane or Sopwith Camel in six missions for each side.

A Fokker Dr. I pulls away from a successful attack run on a Bristol F.2B

The are six missions that are setup in a clever way as you can experience them from two perspectives. Essentially the same mission plays out in both campaigns but you fly either on one side or the other, Camel or Dr. I and in either case there are plenty of aircraft flying around to keep things interesting and busy.

This is a smart way to do this as it maximizes the amount of available gameplay while keeping the actual mission development and testing to a minimum. We have, in effect, twelve missions that you can fly with six for each campaign. Honestly it’s more than I was expecting.

You may run into your ‘alter ego’ squadron from the other side or you may not depending on how things play out. There is enough variation and variability each time you play that it may or may not happen and the Arras map is just big enough to provide for that possibility.

An Albatross spirals down while this Sopwith Camel reigns victorious

Featuring detailed mission briefings and images, this doesn’t feel like something slapped together. Neither does the first mission for the two campaigns as there are plenty of details, lots of aircraft flying around, multiple dogfights develop that don’t just involve your specific flight, and the details on the ground such as bases and vehicle movements are all very realistic looking to me.

This customized base complete with tents and barracks is just one of many detailed objects in this campaign.

There are also custom skins for the squadrons to help enhance the historical experience for the campaign. They are excellent 4K skins as well and they look great to me! Frankly, it’s nice to just have more skins so the campaign is worth it for that alone.

If you have Flying Circus Vol 1 and you’re looking for a good single player experience…This is a fantastic start! It’s the first of what I hope are many campaigns both of the premium paid variety as well as the free community driven results. Get more information about the “Kaiserschlacht” – Flying Circus Mini campaign right here and then go and download it.


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