Live streams and screenshots from Flying Circus’ Thursday Night fly-in!

I’ve written about the Thursday Night Fly-in a bunch of times before and I’ll probably write about it some more. Some of the most fun I’ve had in IL-2: Great Battles Series multiplayer has been in the canvas, wood and wire constructed World War I era bi-planes and tri-planes and this week we managed to get a great group of pilots together to fly some missions. Here are some live streams and screenshots to show you what it’s all about!

Fokkers, Halberstadts and swirling dogfights

The primary aircraft of our flying this past Thursday was the Fokker D.VII and Halberstadt CL.II.

With the Fokker D.VII (technically we had the uprated engine D.VIIF) it was all about patrolling the front lines and looking for enemy aircraft. Did we find them? Yep! Swarms! With the server running with over 40 players regularly through the evening event we saw plenty of action. Some of it we came out on top of and some of it ended our virtual pilot careers.

In the Halberstadt CL.II it was a group of three of us, plus two more CL.II’s and a couple of Pfalz D.IIIa’s for escort. It worked fairly well for a while and we managed to blow up a bridge, attack a barge, and get into a brief dogfight before being shot down by serious opposition.

Wolfpack345 captured most of our flying via a live stream. Watch the stream to see the shenanigans of several of the pilots I was flying with.

The 3rd Pursuit Group did a live stream of their own which is great because the two streams give us both perspectives from the German and Entente sides. I haven’t checked but I think we even cross paths at some point during the stream.

Screenshots from the night

I snapped a few screenshots from the evening as well. I hope you enjoy!

Every Thursday

If you’re around on Thursday nights around 8pm Eastern Time have a look on the IL-2 multiplayer list and look for the FC JG1, Jasta5, Flugpark, and other Flying Circus oriented servers for some World War I dogfighting fun.

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  1. mpuig2001 says:

    You need to download our skin pack so you can get nice pics of our beautiful machines!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Are they part of the community skin pack?


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