Brand new IL-2 user looking for the 50-75% discount? It’s coming!

1CGS announced their ‘Cabin Fever’ sale yesterday and that has attracted a lot of attention from people who may be new to the franchise or at least to this generation of the series. So far, new users haven’t been able to make use of the one-time discount code, however, that is going to change. Here are the details!

Coming Monday!

In a post on the official IL-2 forums, IL-2 Lead Producer Jason Williams announced that new codes can be made available via the support team if you had a problem during the transaction (I know one user reported their browser crashed at an inopportune time) and new codes will be made available to new accounts starting next week.

If your cart “used” your code or you are a brand new user account today, we will get you codes on Monday. If your cart “used” your code before you actually paid, please write to support and they will send you a new code on Monday. We will generate codes for new accounts on a daily basis starting next week. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Jason Williams

Great news for anyone who had trouble or who is looking to jump into IL-2: Great Battles for the first time. Those codes will be coming to your new accounts soon.

Want to know what’s on sale, check out the latest information.

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