DCS: Fw190A-8 out of early access!

Eagle Dynamics celebrates the final release of the Fw190A-8 which is now available in the latest DCS World Open Beta patches. All features are now complete! As a bonus, the aircraft is also on sale right now being available for $24.99.

All of the changes to make it final

A DCS World Open Beta patch released today and with it comes a whole list of changes to the Fw190A-8 that make it a final release aircraft. Here they are as listed in the patch notes:

  • Major updates for cooling and oil systems
  • Start-up procedures and priming were tuned for proper use in different weather conditions
  • Fixes for propeller governor
  • Engine sounds update
  • Destroyed tail no longer has multiple tails
  • Training missions update
  • Training with bombs is added
  • Update for start-up and take-off training
  • Added W.Gr.21 rockets and corresponding control panel in the cockpit
  • Added all currently existing german bombs to the arsenal
  • AB 250 cluster bomb with SD 10A submunition
  • AB 250 cluster bomb with SD 2 submunition
  • AB 500 cluster bomb with SD 10A submunition
  • SC 50
  • SC 250 J
  • SC 250 L2
  • SC 500 J
  • SC 500 L2
  • SD 250 Stg
  • SD 500 A
  • Added provision for the fuel tank
  • 300 liters fuel tank added
  • Windscreen glass color edited
  • New skins added to the game
  • Manual update with information about bombs and rockets

Definitely some good things added here including the fuel tank and a wide variety of bombs and cluster bombs as well as the W.Gr.21 rockets. Those features added plus some bugs resolved and the Fw190A-8 is pretty much good to go. Here’s what Eagle Dynamics had to say about that:

We are pleased to announce that DCS: Fw 190 A-8 Anton is now out of its Early Access period with all key features completed. The Anton was an iconic aircraft of the Second World War that packed a powerful punch and superior performance for its time. It’s a joy to fly and a wonderful counterpart to the Spitfire Mk IX that it often battled in the skies over Europe.

A great plane for the series to have

The DCS: WWII part of the expansion has been a little problematic in terms of its focused content for quite some time, however, the Fw190A-8 is part of a solid move towards a more cohesive package. An able fighter and ground attacker, the A-8 is a great foil for the Spitfire IX and also fought the likes of the P-51D, P-47, Mosquito and other aircraft available or coming to DCS World.

It’s a far better match than the Bf109K-4 and Fw190D-9 that are currently available on the German side. I can only hope that we’ll see a few more like the A-8 in the coming years.

Enjoy the release trailer and check out the DCS World eShop for the $24.99 deal on the aircraft if you’re interested.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Splash says:

    These are great news. They addionally said that are making the F-8 attack and G-8 light bomber variations.

    More variants, more fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I hadn’t heard that. Will track down the news on that.


  2. bigalrico says:

    This brings me to a conflict. I’m not that much in DCS but the A-8 is one of my favourite birds and now would be the perfect opportunity to grab it. The main thing, that holds me back is the part that i would have to buy (in consequenze) the wwII map + assets to get the immersion. And there is not that much on SP content besides a mission designer.


  3. LD88 says:

    If you are fan of it, consider trying it out now while the Anton now while on steep discount (or at least the free trial April 5-6). Use it on maps you already have, at least for now. However, the WWII assets I would highly recommend. Plenty of skins out there to help with immersion depending on map. For instance Yak skins for the mustang when you’re flying on Caucasus or desert skins for all the aircraft for a North Africa vibe. Content seems to be gaining momentum on both ED and user shared.

    Liked by 1 person

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