IL-2 patch 4.005 is out!

The next patch for the IL-2: Great Battles Series is out and ready to download via launcher or Steam update. Patch 4.005 is another large patch for the series with a huge list of updates and changes. Let’s focus in on some of the highlights and talk about what it’s all about.

A massive patch

Lead Producer Jason Williams posted last night urging everyone to make sure that they had backed up their control profiles and save any tracks that they want to keep around. He also wanted to set expectations as a few I think have maybe confused damage modeling (which is the physics underlying the damage system) with the visual damage effects.

The bottom line from the message is that this patch is bigger than usual with quite a few under the hood changes. The proof of that is in the 140 different items listed in the patch notes that have changed or otherwise been updated. That perhaps also underplays just how significant many of these changes are.

In addition to the under the hood changes, Martin =ICDP= Catney and Francisco =BlackHellHound1= Bindraban have been hard at work bringing older aircraft up to the 4K texture standard including the Bf109G-4, the MiG-3, and both versions of the Pe-2! There’s also four new ground vehicles (two ambulance trucks and two fuel trucks) for the eastern front.

Other highlights

I wanted to pick a few items from the list to highlight as they represent the breadth of this update:

  • New language added – Chinese Simplified (简体中文). The career mode is not yet completely translated since the newspaper articles and some squadron histories and award descriptions are in English (they are not necessary for playing though). The Chinese symbols in the pilot name won’t work sadly due to the technical limitations in the mission file format.
  • All aircraft got the new, significantly more advanced version of the airframe damage calculations: each aircraft has its own geometrical sizes of the airframe parts and the material types while the damage calculations take into account the peculiarities of the AP, blast and fragmentation damage;
  • A complete rework of aircraft skin damage calculations has been done and it now takes into account the projectile caliber or its HE capability: now AP ammo and bullets damage the aircraft skin to much lesser extent than HE ammo while ramming an aircraft with a propeller of another instantly causes severe aircraft skin damage
  • A complete overhaul of the blast and fragmentation damage, as well as armor penetration damage has been finished, including, but not limited to: correction of calculation errors, calculation speed optimizations, protection of the calculation results for finding possible errors in the initial data
  • Since the calculations of the penetration ability and the energy of fragments were changed, the excessive effectiveness of the bombs against armored targets at large distances has been reduced, but a very close explosion is much more effective than before
  • The AI pilots of the high-speed aircraft now try to use their advantage over significantly slower aircraft using the hit and run tactics

Those are just a few highlights of the 140 updates, additions, corrections and changes. Full patch list available here.

What’s next?

This is a huge patch and there will no doubt be a few problems here and there. I can see 1CGS issuing a couple of hotfix patches in the following days if any problems shake out. This patch comes out under extraordinary circumstances with the entire 1CGS team having moved to working from home and with the backdrop of worry and concern that we’re all facing on a daily basis… it’s a small miracle that 4.005 is where it is today. There could be a few issues as Jason warned us so we’ll see what shakes out in the days ahead.

Not included in this patch is the deferred shading system that is still being worked on. That should have some visual fidelity updates to the sim and may bring in a variety of improvements over time. Also coming soon is the Yak-9 which may make the next patch with the Yak-9T, P-47D-22, and Hurricane expected to come after that and in that order.

As always, stay tuned! A lot of interesting stuff coming to IL-2 in the next several months!

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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Been flying for a bit and though I didn’t see much different, the flights were really enjoyable.

    But 2GB just for tech changes is some serious programming. Pretty impressive.

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  2. Raptorattacker says:

    I know that ‘everyone is entitled to their own opinion’ but phew!, you DON’T half get a lot of moaning about this stuff. I mean, why are people constantly (and seemingly, I may be wrong) spouting about what they DON’T like and apparently unaware or unappreciative of what is (to the majority of the content) good? Every update is subject to bugs,to a greater or lesser degree and constructive comment is surely the way forward, especially in such an ‘adult’ forun such as ours? Shamrock, this isn’t directed at YOUR content, I just had this uncontrollable urge to vent my spleen!!! CHEER UP EVERYONE? Thanks Shamrock, your blog is brilliant!!

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hey Raptor! Welcome!

      I have also noticed that there are always going to be some loud voices in any community that tend to focus on the negative aspects of whatever subject matter it is that they are confronted with. I practice (and it is a practice at times) thinking more positively about things. When you pull back and look at the big picture of IL-2: Great Battles the picture I see is a vivid one with plenty to like.

      There are always problems and so I feel like a certain amount of pointing those problems out is warranted. But I encourage everyone to take a moment soak in the great things that we’re able to do and the fun times that you can have. I hope everyone is having fun!


    2. Heartc says:

      It may have to do with the fact that updates are forced onto people these days, and since it is true that updates (across the board) most often contain things some people may like and some may not – or more often, break things – forcing updates on people is a very very bad way to go about it and there is no excuse for it.


  3. Raptorattacker says:

    I really could NOT agree more. The analogy I often use is the case of decorating a house (bear with me!). When you’ve finished and your wife, husband or whoever comes in and immediately points out the tiny bits you may have missed. Their FIRST thought is to look for a problem. It’s easy to come away from that not even knowing wether they LIKED it or not, just what they didn’t like. Mmmm, it must be an awful way to look at the world, really.
    This is what I like about these blogs. I know (of) you and I respect a loot of the stuff you write. This is because I’ve read stuff you’ve written and then looked at the particular thing you were writing ABOUT and I’ve thought, “Hmmm, yeah, he’s pretty much nailed it”… I guess the alternative would be to just tell you which word you’d spelt wrong or how bad the grammar was in one paragraph?!!… Ha! Ha! Keep it up my friend. IIT’S GOOD.

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    1. Raptorattacker says:

      … and now tell me I spelt ‘lot’ wrong!!! Ha! Ha!

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      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        I won’t say anything if you don’t 😎


  4. Raptorattacker says:

    Please don’t point out that I spelt ‘lot’ wrong!!


  5. Simfan says:

    @”forcing updates on people is a very very bad way to go about it and there is no excuse for it”
    IMHO How can you proceed with development if you do not always go forward ? It is simply impossible to support older versions … look at what Microsoft did, and now tries to do now with Windows versions !?

    About negative feedback … my personal believe has always been : “Approve or Improve”.
    If there is nothing positive to say … it may be better to simply … shut up.
    Some people may also have to get … “A Life” ?


  6. heartc says:

    Just make the updates optional like it has been done in the 30 years before. I don’t even know where this notion of “supporting” a game comes from. I think it is a marketing turn and in reality means keeping up customer relations for future business. Fair enough, but has nothing to do with “support”. Release the game in a finished state, then, if there are still bugs, release a patch or two, and all is fine. Don’t need any more support. There is zero reason that updates (as well as patches, if we even want to make a difference there) must be mandatory, outside of the aforementioned PR aspect (which doesn’t interest me as a customer).

    I know that these days people will say a game is “dead” if it isn’t continually updated. I don’t get it though. I’m still playing Digital Integration’s Tornado from 1993, and EF2000 from 1995 for example. These games are not dead. And I would happily play IL-2 BoX ever there after even if they stopped doing “updates” tomorrow. They can release new products, great. But I don’t get this update mania. Of course it’s cool when new features for example get injected also in already released titles, but, again, it shouldn’t be forced on you, which would immediately solve any concern with updates breaking the game or making it incompatible with older systems all of a sudden, for example.


  7. Simfan says:

    @HEARTC. I personally agree with all you wrote. But unfortunately it seems those Sim glory days are over. I too recall those days and the many evenings I enjoyed those and similar sims. Maybe the new microprose will revitalise that business model, but I doubt it. New updates, new planes, new maps is a reason to ask for more money. I accepted the new normal and hope the bugs that seem inevitable won’t stop me from enjoying my hobby!?


    1. heartc says:

      Well, the new normal is only the new normal because people flow with it. If people stopped flowing with it, it could return back to more sensible realms. Times do no not appear from some mysterious place, they are made by the people. The main problem there is is that people these days are all too easily manipulated. It all goes back to conditioning, social engineering and the hyper-“connected” world, with people having their heads in their iPhones all day long, meaning they are eating up corporate propaganda 24/7. Just look how most will immediately believe and eat up every single word a developer says, like it is impossible that people lie – and they don’t even seem be aware that everything a dev says is a marketing statement, previously constructed towards that end.

      Anyway, one thing is for sure: If they don’t listen, they’re going to at least get to see where their gross negligence has brought them: Games for rent, games solely in cloud “services”, required interconnection with payware tools from other huge corporations, planned obsolescence / incompatibilities unless you keep paying, and paying more, etc etc. That is all going to come.

      Re: Microprose. I very much share your doubt there as well. In fact, I’m almost certain it’s going to be nothing. Because what made those sims back in the day was not the name of the company, but the people who made them. Unless they conjure up those same teams in the past, necroing the Microprose name will just be another marketing gig.


      1. heartc says:

        *conjure up those same teams OF the past, I meant.


  8. Simfan says:

    @HEARTC …
    I find it hard to argue with anything you wrote here.
    OTOH and IMHO many good things have come fron the ‘interconnected’ world/approach as well.
    Titles like DCS World and IL-2 GB could never have happened with the former way of publishing softwares/sims.
    All my life I have been in development as well (Linux and database kinda stuff though, no gaming).
    It takes at least … a decade for complex softwares to mature (and I can imagine these types of games are *far more* complex), hundreds of people … so this will onkly get worse.
    The time that I, personally, really made a difference by writing one piece of code has LONG gone.
    I am glad so many people are dedicated to it now … this software-world has become huge beyond my imagination.
    Can’t imagine rewriting the DCS World or IL-2 kernel … really can’t.
    But indeed, we now have to pay up … pay more and more.
    Software development is not only hard, but also very expensive for any company.
    All future big (sim-)softwares will indeed move to the cloud (we as a software-service provider already did this early on) … I don’t doubt that for a minute.
    But surely the downsides of this happening are obvious … depending on how one looks at it !?


  9. heartc says:

    I do not believe that technical necessities require the abolishing of customer rights. If people believe that, they have been had. If there is a will, there is a way to do these things in a way that does not abolish rights. Every single one of the things that have been done hereto, there were always two options: Do it in a way that abolishes customers rights, or do it in a way that upholds them, and in the great majority of cases, the willful decision was made for the former. So, the problem is that there is indeed a will, but only on one side of the table, and on the other side, there are mindless, manipulated, naive and socially engineered zombies who also can’t wait to throw their money at the screen as soon as an “early access” product arrives, even though they’ve by now all made bad experiences with early access in the past, more often than not. They have no discipline, they have no self-respect and no will, and instead get magically enthralled immediately whenever a new promo video comes out for whatever. Easy picking for the folks on the other side of the table.

    If there were two wills at the table, we would have never left the time when customers got finished products they had full control over. Don’t believe for a minute that it is for technical reasons that people are getting disowned. If anything, it is the other way around: The idea is to disown people and abolish customer rights, and the technical environment is formed accordingly.


  10. Simfan says:

    OK, I get where you are going.
    But that is a more political conviction AFAIK.
    I was simply trying to get to a more teachnical reasoning and explanation.
    Not meaning you are wrong about this at all, only that we may not be on the same “wavelength” (?)
    I wouldn’t like to look at all this … too seriously and merely appreciate and wanted to stressed the technical (!) progress in software development (my job).


  11. heartc says:

    I don’t think it was political, because we don’t have politics anymore – just theater.


  12. Simfan says:

    @HEARTC “I don’t think it was political, because we don’t have politics anymore – just theater.”
    Dunno which part of the globe you refer to, but I guess with that statement … you can *never ever* be wrong ! 🙂


  13. heartc says:

    The part of the globe I’m referring to is indeed irrelevant in the times of globalism.
    Regards my friend.


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