steveo1kinevo goes X-Plane, when real world flying isn’t an option

Some of you may know him and others may not but if you’re one of the 385,000 subscribers on steveo1kinevo’s YouTube channel you’ll know he’s one of the more prolific real world pilots who shares his flights on YouTube. Although he flies several different aircraft, it’s the TBM series that feature most heavily on his channel. With real world flying severely restricted, steveo1kinevo, has turned to X-Plane to do some content for his channel and it’s both fun and educational.

Featuring HotStart’s TBM900

X-Plane developer HotStart have released what is widely regarded as the most detailed general aviation aircraft for X-Plane with their TBM900. It’s earned a solid reputation and it commands a premium price at $64.95 (double that of many other X-Plane modules).

No stranger to the TMB series, steveo1kinevo has produced dozens upon dozens of videos in the TBM850 that he flies. Stevo jumping in and flying the X-Plane version is superb because we get a perspective that we all can have in X-Plane and a really great walk through of some of the things he does in real life. It’s worth a watch!

And if you’ve never watched his channel before, here’s one of a similar flight except it’s of course done in the real world.

I’m a regular watcher of Stevo’s channel and so I was excited to see him do a little more X-Plane content and thought I’d share.

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  1. Mischiew Rithe says:

    Watching a real pilot in such videos is always nice, they usually have interesting comments on a particular module – check also “IXEG 737-300 *First Look* with a REAL Pilot” for instance (a great add-on by the way). They also follow the procedures, it’s an interesting exercice, especially for easily-distracted people like me 😉

    That’s the nice thing about X-Plane and P3D, you can have as little or as much discipline you want. You can start in the air or take-off without bothering with the normal flow, or simulate the real procedures. Of course you sometimes need the proper add-on, ATC usually being the weak point. It’s also possible to do it live in MP with VATSIM, PilotEdge or IVAO, ever tried that?

    Seems like a great module. I love the sound of a turboprop, there’s someting about that type of engine, especially when starting and taxiing. Although in this video we don’t really hear it much from outside, but I’m sure it’s all in there.

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