Tentative schedule for Sturmovikfest revealed

I’ve been working hard on the schedule for Sturmovikfest and while it’s not quite done, I wanted to share with you what I’ve been doing and what you’ll see continually tweaked, added to, and updated right up to the festival.

Eight days of festival fun

There’s a lot going on that the schedule hasn’t yet accounted for but we’re off to the races right now with a variety of regularly scheduled events throughout the festival.

You’ll see JimTM’s mass formation fly-in happening on the Combat Box Training Server already on the schedule. Not on the schedule is Combat Box’s new Project R racing series which will be getting started during the festival.

We’re still fine tuning the details but this should serve as a guide to what’s going on. Be sure to check back frequently!


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  1. GregP says:

    Really appreciate your enthusiasm and all the effort you’re putting into this! Definitely shaping up to be an incredible experience.

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  2. tankie7550 says:

    GR are looking for to being part of this, come join us for a tongue in cheek mission on Friday GR style


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