A mass-formation and some fly-in combat to end off Day One!

The response has been beyond anything I could have hoped for and there are going to be a long list of thank-you’s to go out by the end of this festival. Today kicked off with Project R racing and from there we moved on to the mass formation event with some 50 pilots pulling off a variety of formations and fly-pasts. To top it off I got some good time in on Combat Box during our scheduled festival fly-in for that server too. Here’s a brief recap of the day.

Racing in Project R

Combat Box’s new Project R racing which I wrote about earlier today is one of the best things to see come back to IL-2 multiplayer. The old air racing server on HyperLobby back in the old days was a lot of fun and a great learning experience and so this spiritual successor can only speak to some good things coming down the line.

The new line of racing skins are inventive and fun diversions from the more historical and historically inspired skins we’ve seen elsewhere. I can see some fun events to come in the long run with some of the best air racing being live streamed and recorded for all to see.

Mass formation flying

Next up was the first of two mass formation events organized by JimTM on the IL-2 forums. We loaded 50 or more people into the Combat Box training server and organized a series of formation overflights. From the experienced to the new pilot just trying to get into formation flying for the first time, this was a super fun event for everyone involved.

We did crash the server once so we had to string the flights out a bit more but man what a fun event. Special shout out to the DBS squadron for their very tight A-20 formation work. The next formation fly-out will be coming up on Wednesday.

Want to see what it was like? Videos are coming but in the meantime there are streams I can point you to from the likes of Wolfpack345, =gRiJ=ToReRo, and Rhyn0.

Combat Box multiplayer fly-in

To finish things off for day one, I joined in for the North American Combat Box fly-in event that started around 8:00 pm joining a busy Discord and coordinating efforts with dozens of other people on the server.

I was able to fly some closely coordinated missions with Peregryn, a member of the group that I fly with regularly, and a darn good Spitfire pilot. It was also an opportunity for me to sport the new skin created for me by Air Combat Tutorial Library creator Requiem.

Our first sortie was a combat air patrol that saw us covering friendly troops and performing a combat air patrol over an enemy position in advance of a strike group coming in to hit the target. We mixed it up with a few enemy aircraft and I even managed to score a kill after a tightly pitched battle.

On our second sortie we put bombs and rockets on our Spitfire’s and flew back to the same target zone. This time we put our bombs and rockets on target and contributed to the Allied victory for that mission.

On my final mission we flew Tempest Mark V’s once again providing cover for Allied strike groups. Arriving too late to help the first group, we ended up running interference for the second group and I even managed to shoot down a Fw190D-9 in yet another tense air battle.

A great start!

A great way to start off the festival. Thanks everyone for today and all of the fun flying. More events are coming up so be sure to check the information page and check out the schedule. We’ve made a few adjustments to the schedule for tomorrow so be sure to check it out.

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  1. CanadaOne says:


    I’ve really got to try MP. Still have to buy headphones.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      You should definitely come and join in!


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