Finnish Virtual Pilots Dynamic War server is a hidden gem

The folks who run the Finnish Virtual Pilots Dynamic War server are running a server that doesn’t seem to always rise to the top of the server list but after my two flights on the server over the last two days of Sturmovikfest, I honestly think that it should. Here are my thoughts on what the server is all about!

Interactive dynamic moving front

Flak is intense at many frontline positions – but successfully evading it can mean changing the course of the battle.

Over the years, many flight sim servers have tried to build interactive elements into the simulation. Adding a strategic level to flying can change the whole calculation that a virtual pilot puts into flying in a multiplayer server and it adds the potential for teamwork. It’s that concept that the Dynamic War server embraces with a strategic system that embraces the moving frontline that is directly affected by players on the server.

There are some similarities between this server and another server that I’ve written about a fair bit – Tactical Air War. Both servers have a moving front line and build resources and supplies into their “meta” that underlay the server’s operation. The difference is on the level of just how casual the servers are.

Tactical Air War has a sign-up system and you sign up to fly on one side or another for a whole season. You have to manage aircraft and pilots carefully. This is a great system for serious pilots and squadrons looking for that extra level of challenge, but what if you didn’t want all of that but still wanted that dynamic element? Finnish Virtual Pilots server is exactly what this is.

Strafing vehicles and dug in half-tracks all ready to shoot back at you.

Targets are well designed and I know first hand that destroying a frontline position by destroying the trucks and artillery cannons can open up the front and move the lines for your team. It’s really good! There’s also a variety of targets and on the current scenario that is running, there are ship targets out in the Black Sea to attack too.

Flight times are variable but are on average a bit shorter than Combat Box. Combat feels fast and frenetic but with enough rear bases to accommodate those wanting to climb before combat or allow for players to team up in more coordinated strikes.

A pair of IL-2’s strike a well defended group of enemy ships. Flak was everywhere and fighters were nearby.

Tank battles too

A player driven Panzer VI fires its cannon from a fairly well concealed position.

Another unique feature on this server is the availability of Tanks from Tank Crew making an appearance. It’s a serious feature where it is possible that a coordinated group of tanks could potentially take out a whole target – and thus move the frontline. That is, if they remain covered or at least unimpeded by enemy intervention from the air or attack from enemy tanks.

We did get attacked and N3croo on YouTube even provided us with this video showing off one of the strafing runs that certainly rattled our tank crews and even took out one gunner who had the hatch open.

During another mission we had players supporting a small tank push (just two tanks) with fighter cover while I flew an IL-2 and tried to provide cover. That included both intelligence on what was happening around the friendly tank a well as direct fire support by taking out a flak battery and an artillery cannon threatening the tank. It was just a small taste but this is where I’m very excited about the potential of Tank Crew to open up new avenues for combined arms cooperation.

It was extremely fun and I will have more to write about Tank Crew very soon.

Two almost completely player operated tanks trundle along towards a target.

Check them out

The Finnish Virtual Pilots – Dynamic War server has a dedicated following but it deserves, in my opinion, a much broader look by the community. The name may be throwing off a few people as it has the feel of a private server but it strikes me as being every inch as well developed as some of the most popular servers out there like Combat Box, KOTA, Wings of Liberty, Jasta5 and more.

I hope to see their player numbers grow alongside these other great servers.

If you want to check them out, they have a Discord server and a website with more information and a way to track the battle as it progresses.

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  1. The Finnish Virtual Pilots was one of my first MP experience – BERLOGA was just kind of practice arena – and I loved it from the first minute. Sure, some times not as crowded as other MP servers, but very challenging and a pleasure to fly on. And for MP beginners (not flight sim beginners) not that frustrating as some other servers. I have a real chance to survive a mission or two and f.ex. successfully finish a bombing run, especially if you’re flying alone.


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  2. JagBR PWinter says:

    We are flying with our Brazilian squadron JagBR there for about 6 month now. It is really as nice as written here and we are having a lot of fun there since in our squadron there is a mix of pilots expertise some targets far from frontline and furballs are excelent for gain experience.
    There are chalenges for our experts as well because some other good squadrons fly there also and is not easy to keep pilot life for long tine.
    Highly recommended.
    See you all in the finish Virtual War skies.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Thanks for the comment on your experiences on this server. It’s been great every time I join in!


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