Sturmovikfest Day Seven: Project R and Flying Circus Furball finale

We’re here at the finale of Sturmovikfest with the last day of the festival and I think it will be a fitting end. Here are some of the things going on today on the last day!

Racing and dogfighting in style

WWI dogfighting as part of the Flying Circus Furball, a regular Sunday event that is part of the Sturmovikfest schedule. Check out the Jasta5 Flying Circus server at 7:00 PM UTC, 3:00 PM EDT, or 12:00 PM PDT for some fun WWI flying.

Or check out the Project R air racing tournament which is running their very first tournament.

Sunday at 1600 UTC we will hold a tournament on the combat box racing server! Registrations will close 15:30 UTC. The tournament is structured in such a way that every pilot races at least 2 times. Required aircraft: SpitMk9, P51D5, FW190D9, Tempest, I16. Join us by writing us a message in the tournament channel on our Discord server!

Mordrac on r/il2sturmovik

Head over to the Combat Box Discord for more information and to sign up. Look for live streams and post race recap videos to come out soon after as well.

It should be an exciting last day for Sturmovikfest! Check the schedule here.

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