Watch Project R air racing – Update: Scharfi wins!

Unable to make Project R air racing by Combat Box today? You can watch the stream courtesy of jakethesnak2 on Twitch.TV right now!

This is the first of what will hopefully be many tournaments organized by Project R and the Combat Box server group.

Post race results!

I have the post race result with YouTuber Arianne Scharfi coming in first place after a nail biting Tempest heat which saw all manners of challenging race moments from aerial crashes to blacked out racers to crashes with some trees.

It was a challenging course and a difficult race with some great virtual racers but only one can be crowned victorious.

Look for more Project R racers coming in the future!

One Comment Add yours

  1. MrExplosion says:

    It seems you forgot to plug Scharfis Youtube channel. 😉

    Here it is:

    Hoping to re-watch that great race there soon.


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