Chuck’s guide for the DCS: F-16C will help you out!

His guides have helped me learn some of the most difficult aircraft in DCS World to master as well as being a great reference to get started on just about anything. If there’s an aircraft in DCS World covered by Chuck’s Guide, you can almost assuredly get started with it thanks to his guides. And now one of the most recent entrants to DCS World, the DCS: F-16C, has it’s very own guide and you should definitely download it if you’re a Viper pilot.

Eighteen sections covering everything DCS: F-16C

The DCS: F-16C is far from finished as a module, but it’s already a comprehensive aircraft in DCS World with a suite of air to air and air to ground munitions and a wide variety of different systems that all need to be managed. More will come to this module over time but it’s already a lot to manage and so no matter if this is your first full fidelity module or if you’re a seasoned veteran but are learning the Viper for the first time (or the second or third time)… Chuck’s Guide is probably the resource for you.

You don’t have to read it all but this guide is 477 pages of everything you need to know about the current DCS: F-16C. When new updates come along Chuck will almost assuredly make some updates.

Grab Chuck’s Guide to the DCS: F-16C right over here on Mudspike. If you love the guides then you may also want to consider sending Chuck a few dollars for his efforts through his Patreon.


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