For virtual combat pilot training, check out Requiem’s Discord

You may have used the Air Combat Tutorial Library to learn how to get a leg up on your combat flying in IL-2 or maybe even to brush up on some basic flying techniques. Now Requiem, the creator of ACTL, has launched his own Discord community centered around helping virtual pilots get up to speed on titles including IL-2 and DCS World.

Have a question? Ask it!

The new community that Requiem has setup is primary aimed at training. A dedicated ‘Question and Answer’ chat room is all about asking any question you have no matter how small or large. Designated members of the community have also volunteered to be specialists with knowledge that can help newer virtual pilots get started.

A special lobby has also been setup to support Utopioneer’s Flight School campaigns which provide basic training on virtually every aircraft released for the IL-2: Great Battles Series and Utopioneer himself is on hand in that lobby to answer questions as well.

Requiem’s Discord is also the homebase for his dedicated pilot training through the ‘Commercial Pilot’ tier of his training program on Patreon (currently sold out).

Of course, you can always just come and chat with the group and use the voice channels to coordinate your online flying. Looking for a wingman on Combat Box, Finnish Virtual Pilots, or just want to have some laughs while taking to the skies in Berloga. This is a great place to set up for that too!

Join the community

One of the broad goals that I have with is to share the love of virtual flight simulation with everyone out there. Getting into simulation, doing the training, and getting going with all of the layers of detail you need to know can be an overwhelming proposition so any initiative like this one has my full support.

If you’re new to sims, need to brush up on some lost or out of date knowledge, or just want to hang out, why not check out Requiem’s Discord.

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