Leatherneck details MiG-21bis, CEII, F4U, and F-8 updates

It’s been a little while since we heard from Leatherneck on the whole line-up of their modules released and in-development but yesterday we got a nice big update detailing everything from the MiG-21bis to the F-8J Crusader that is in development. There’s a lot to like for MiG-21 fans so let’s have a look!

Fishbed updates

Recent patches have further degraded the capabilities and performance of the MiG-21bis as a flight model updated didn’t work out quite as intended and the radar causes severe performance losses when used near the ground. The MiG-21bis was one of the earliest third party modules in DCS World and it’s seen its fair share of struggles to keep up with the latest updates – especially as it was designed for the older DCS World 1.5 engine.

Many of those improvements are already in but some of them didn’t quite work out as intended. I’ll let Leatherneck’s update take it from there,

This process, which was implemented in March, created some new bugs and issues that users have experienced, such as unusual flight model behavior, crashes or various other performance issues. This was not intentional. Continuing code improvements, we’ve focused on rectifying newly appeared issues.

Leatherneck Simulations

Fortunately, a long list of updates are here or coming soon:

  • Resolved the weapons selector knob causing DCS to crash by matching repository versions.
  • Fixed High Angles of Attack bug.
  • Improved wing stall characteristics.
  • Tuned ailerons efficiency at high Angles of Attack
  • Rudder and elevator characteristics tuned.
  • Trimmer speed tuned.
  • Suspension model improved that will enable take-off and landing on some grass surfaces (feature still work in progress)
  • ASP gun sight fixed net and piper illumination levels corrected for day and night operations.
  • Radio-altimeter hot-start value was decreased from 200 m to 100 m.
  • Landing gear lock sound fixed.
  • SAU and Autopilot tuning.

Also being reworked are everything from flight model to the single player experience for the with an updated campaign, instant and single player missions. Updated radar code is coming once they are able to connect with Eagle Dynamics on that update and rendering for the gunsight is also being improved (and they show off a short video of what that will look like) which they will turn around and use for their F4U and F-8J modules as well.

Finally, they are also in the process of updating the afterburner effect. The new effect looks great from the work in progress render below and it looks a lot closer to the afterburner that I’ve seen from a MiG-17 that I once saw at an airshow.

Despite the problems, the MiG-21 is still a fan favourite within the DCS World community and it deserves to see some updates like the ones that Leatherneck have planned. Look forward to seeing that all happen!

Corsair and Crusader updates

Leatherneck are busy updating the visual model for the F4U-1D Corsair project and the latest internal modeling examples are on display here. Meanwhile their programmer is busy implementing a simulation of the Ye/Zb radio navigation system.

The Corsair project is shaping up to add in a few more assets as well. The previously announced Essex-class carrier is making progress and several other ground vehicles and AAA units are now planned as part of an asset pack that will come with the module. That along with the A6M Zero that was previously shown off should give the Corsair a few things to do when it is released.

Finally, Leatherneck reports that texture work on the final 3D model is underway for the F-8J Crusader while a temporary 3D model has been put into the sim allowing their team to start the basic programming and integration process.

I suspect this module will still be a ways out but progress is progress. Leatherneck has shown us what the interim model looks like but don’t look all that closely at it because I’m sure what will come later will be much more impressive.

Finally, several Christen Eagle II updates were detailed including some updates to the flight model and a few other tweaks. It’s all in the latest update from Leatherneck Simulations.


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  1. Warlock says:

    I love the MiG-21. It’s pretty unique, at least in DCS. It flies completely different from anything else currently in the game. When you first get into it the plane seems really bare bones and you may think its capabilities are severely lacking, but when employing it you start to realize that while it isn’t as easy to do as in some other planes, in the right hands this is a pretty capable platform. I tend to think it was about the first multi-role jet in DCS.

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